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SkaDate Dating Software Tips: Avoid Common Design Mistakes

When it comes to visual presentation, online dating industry is moving at a brisk pace, innovating the field and setting new trends. Today we’ll help you avoid most common design mistakes when creating your dating site.

When starting a dating business, you most likely used Google to test the waters with queries like “How to create an online dating site?” The easy answer you likely got is to obtain a copy of SkaDate dating script and let us do all the work for you. Although that’s true, what we want to do today is take a better look at that initial query of yours. That’s because the question should be not how to create a dating site, but how to do it properly.

Trivia time – you have only a few seconds to make the initial impression on new visitors to your site. That’s it. At this point, most of your visitors are either sold or gone for good. These precious seconds users spend subconsciously evaluating the visual information – the page’s color palette, images, navigation elements, and content arrangement. According to InstantShift, a popular web design resource, a whopping 94% of users do not trust the site and business in general when they encounter poor design decisions while browsing.

Numerous psychology studies show that it’s pretty hard to change the first impression. Meaning you have to get it right from the get go. Otherwise, your marketing efforts for the creation of unique content, as well as investment into SMM and context advertisement will be useless. The very least your site design should do is not be a turn-off.

Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes. Avoiding them will enable you to accurately assess your designer’s skills and create proper requirements for the development of a visually appealing dating site powered by SkaDate Dating Software.

Slideshow, Video or Animation Overkill

Video backgrounds are all the rage right now, but you have to use them sparingly, especially if you have additional animation on your page. Too many moving visual elements is often a distraction for a visitor, who just wants to concentrate on getting to the point of a dating site – registering and starting to look for a match.

Despite your good intentions to make the site beautiful, what you may end up with is the opposite effect. The visitor’s goal is to join your site and start spending money, not marvel at all the gifs you have. At best you have a distracted potential user who does not engage with your site in an intended way. At worst, said user could just leave your site altogether, irritated by all the constant movement.

Out of Place Ads

This is the case of wanting too much right away. In a race to squeeze every single monetary opportunity from your dating site, you might put ads in the most visible position allowed by site architecture.

But you have to think carefully whether your visitor will appreciate looking at meds, bags or shoes while trying to find a romantic partner. More likely than not they will see right through your commercial ploy, which can be a huge turn-off.

Text Readability

Another critical moment is the creation of easily readable on-site text. This is especially vital for call-to-action buttons with the principal designations, like Join, Register, Try for Free, Upgrade, etc. Mix the font and background colors too much, and the text no longer stands out. This means you just wasted a perfect call to action opportunity.

Back to 90s

A sure way to lose your potential members (and revenue) is to stop caring about your site’s visual relevance for new audience. Dating industry is one of the most rapidly developing online market segments bursting with innovation (look at Tinder). You have to keep up if you don’t want to fall back. This doesn’t mean changing your design every two weeks. But a steady overhaul of some elements and occasional makeover is a must.

It’s interesting that listed design mistakes are kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised to see them repeated over and over again. Case in point – all the screenshots in this post are from real dating sites. They exist, and some even prosper, but you can’t help but wonder how much money they leave on the table due to less than ideal design decisions.

Avoiding common design mistakes is especially crucial for new dating sites. You are just starting to build your brand and reputation, so you can’t afford to go the wrong way. That’s exactly why SkaDate Dating Software offers not just a script in a box, but a complete solution to start online dating business. You get an active site, a choice of professionally designed templates, as well as an optional project manager, who can consult and advise you about your endeavor. Just give us a call if you want to find out how we can help your business.