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SkaDate Dating Software Tips: Geo-targeting in Marketing

One of the best ways to drive good quality traffic to your online dating site is through geo-targeted ads. Read on and find out why.

Setting up geo-targeting for specific audience

Once you are done with all the chores of configuring and branding your online dating site powered by SkaDate dating script, you have to start thinking about bringing new people over. The more traffic you drive, the more money you make. There are different ways to generate said traffic, and proper online advertising is considered to be highly effective.

When you want to attract most relevant traffic to your online dating site you likely have an idea where your potential users might live. Many SkaDate Dating Software clients know exactly what city or even a district they want to target beforehand. Why spread your budget when you can hit where it matters most? Besides, many promotion services like the ones offered by Google or Facebook allow for a very precise geo-targeting.

That’s quite handy since you can tweak your site to give members additional options like meeting in real life in a particular city location, for example, a park or waterfront. This way you become closer to your customer base, which will immediately set your site apart from the competition.

Geo-targeting in AdWords and Facebook


In addition to regular targeting (the country and city affected by your ads), Google AdWords lets you set specific locations within an area, by searching for something like a National Park or Airport. Moreover, if your search produced no results, or you want to be even more precise, you can define the location by placing a pin on the map. This will show your ad to people currently in the specified location radius.

A similar system is used for precision targeting in Facebook, where you can focus on showing your ads close to a specific point on the map. Social networks also let you set geo-targeting depending on a particular address, or selected population area.

The effect

Such precise geo-targeting is very popular for the promotion of dating businesses, especially when it comes to mobile. People who are more keen on using dating services on their smartphones are usually always on the go.

That’s why they will be more likely to respond to an ad telling them of potential romance partners who are physically right next to them. The feeling of satisfied urgency right here and right now is what counts when it comes to successful business this day and age, and online dating is not an exception.

Here’s an example of an action call you can use within your geo-targeted ad:

“Check out these singles camping next to you in Central Park right now! Join our site and meet someone new on this beautiful day!”

By placing this ad and enabling precise geo-targeting, you will be sure that it is seen by all the people who are currently in Central Park and are using their devices. The thrill of knowing that a date can happen almost immediately on the spot will help you gain new members.

Stepping away from general examples, you can geo-target places anrelevt to your particular niche. If you run a fitness-themed dating site, strike gyms and sports arenas. Have a place for farmers – country shows, fairs, concerts, and pubs – are your best bets. In short, there’s ample supply of specific spots guaranteed to bring you good quality traffic with geo-targeted ads. There’s simply no better way to find a good concentration of potential customers!

If you want more marketing tips from SkaDate Dating Software, or you are interested in our products and services, just drop us a line or schedule a call and we’ll get back to you asap.