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SkaDate Dating Software Tips: How to Attract Niche Traffic

One of the key questions asked by absolutely all eCommerce owners is how to make their resource attract good quality traffic, which can be transferred into regular paying visitors.

One of the key questions asked by absolutely all eCommerce owners is how to make their resource attract good quality traffic, which can be transferred into regular paying visitors. Online dating business is no different – bringing the right kind of users to your dating site powered by SkaDate dating script is of topmost importance, and you should start tackling this task from the get go.

Stage 1. Analysis

Let’s assume that you’ve already settled on a niche (for example you took a chance with what we covered last time – Fitness Dating).  Your choice dictates the end-goal: to make your online dating site bring as many singles interested in both fitness and romance as possible. Think about this specific demographics – what types of sites your potential clients visit regularly, what is their age bracket and additional interests.

Going with our example, fitness-minded people are usually curious about a number of things useful for their lifestyle. Think proper nutrition or sport-related gadgets like walking step counters to monitor pulse rhythms and spent calories. They are also more likely to buy athletic clothing and other gear, as well as apps to check and monitor their progress. Why all of this info is important to you? Well, by gradually building a profile of your audience you will understand better where exactly you should place info and ads about your dating site for maximum efficiency.

Stage 2. Sources

In general, the sources of your traffic can be divided into several key categories:

Social Networks

Advertising through social media allows you setting up your targeting with a lot of precision. You can single out sports enthusiasts, their interests, sex, age, location, marital status, etc. We’ve already talked about advertising through Facebook, so click here if you want to learn more about that.

Forums and Portals

Thematic forums and portals are excellent for placing your banners about your dating site powered by SkaDate dating software. You can also create posts or articles talking about your niche with a link back to your business. In this way you can get a good and reliable source of additional free traffic. Just search for fitness forums in your area and study your options proposed by Google, as well as specific conditions of each individual forum.

Mobile Apps – Cheap Platforms with Precision Targeting

There are myriads of fitness apps in Google Play and App Store. By placing ads through Google AdWords choose the option of displaying them within apps, and then select detailed targeting. This lets us pick apps specifically for fitness lovers. After that your banners with info about your dating site will be displayed to all people interested in the chosen topic. The same can be done for any niche.

Display Network

Another option for detailed targeting on thematic websites is to employ Google Display Network (GDN). Settings in Google AdWords let you go through a ton of topics to single out very specific thematic sites available for placement of your advertisement banners.

Stage 3. Analysis and Optimization

So, what to do when you are done with two previous stages, defined your audience, chosen source channels and opened the traffic flow? It is time to optimize your ads further and tweak the system around.  You can switch off sources that proved to be ineffective, or increase budgets for those working well and bringing you most traffic. You can do that with the help of Google Analytics, which we also covered in one of the prior posts.


We believe that after reading this article you must have a clear answer to the question of whether detailed targeting is important. We say it’s a resounding YES. This is exactly the work that will not let you empty-spend your ad budget, and allow you to concentrate on attracting only high-quality audience.