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SkaDate Dating Software Tips: How to Avoid Frequent Mistakes

Today we’ll give you several helpful tips on how to avoid most common mistakes while building your online dating site.

What are the most frequent mistakes while creating your dating site?

So, you’ve decided to build a website to launch your online dating business. One of the first things you should ask yourself is what is your ultimate purpose. Quite often the answer to this question is to make money. However, if that is your sole goal there is a very high chance of failure. Let us explain. Basically, your dating site powered by SkaDate dating script is just a tool. People might want to use this tool, or they might not.

So what do you have to do to make people actually want to use it, turn them into loyal clients, and then regularly receive profit? In short – you must tweak your end goals. Instead of focusing on dollar signs alone, you should concentrate on helping a specific set of people finding their partners. Only then you’ll be able to make money for a good quality service you provide. That’s one of the most frequent mistakes early dating startups make – not thinking about the quality of the service, but quick possible ways to monetize your dating site.

Improper budgeting

It is likely you have a set amount of money ready to be spent when starting your online business. How should you go around your finances? What areas need most attention and where can you save? Well, as we already pointed out, your dating site is a tool for running your business. The better your tool is, the more quality it adds to your service. Anyone trying to save on software and support (the backbone of your business tool) will see the shortcomings of this option in no time.

When choosing solutions to run your site it is vital to leverage all possible benefits one company has compared to the rest. That is exactly why SkaDate Dating Software as a company has a competitive edge by providing not just a boxed piece of code, but a full-fledged business solution, ready for launching businesses of any scale.

“I like this color, make me a site based on that!”

Obviously every single person has individual understanding of what looks nice and how everything should be done. Unfortunately that understanding sometimes clashes with the views of others and the mainstream majority. Statistical data tells us that when visitors arrive to any site the most important thing for them is to clearly understand where they are and what to do next.  Your personal preferences towards beauty and style are secondary. This means that backgrounds, titles, logos and calls to action should all work towards one common goal, be simple, and reflect the general concept of the site.

In short, even a three-year old should understand what your site is all about. (Not that we endorse making sites for kids – just want to be clear here). Let’s take the example of a Matrimonial site (click here to learn more about making a portal for this profitable online dating niche).

  • Images – All images (especially those seen immediately, like background) must emphasize the end goal of people arriving to the site. In this case it’s serious relationship which will end up in marriage. An image of a newlywed couple is ideal here.
  • Title – This is one of key elements of your site. Making it too simple (‘Dating Site’) is like not saying anything at all to your visitors. They might get interested, but just as well they might not. Even worse, they might join your site on a wrong assumption, and make life hard for everyone else. Always remember about your goal – to attract good quality traffic comprised of specific group of people who will use the site regularly and bring you profit.

Site architecture and usability

This is one of the more complicated stages during the creation of a dating site. Getting back to what we talked about at the outset of the post, your website must be easy and comfortable to
use. This means all sections and user filters should be placed for most intuitive experience. Likewise, the registration process should be as simple as possible. 

You are likely familiar with a situation when information you want to receive on a site requires you to go through some kind of action or registration. Oftentimes it is not immediately obvious what exactly you must do, which button to press next, or what will happen after a certain action.

Confusing site architecture and poorly thought-out usability are the ammateur mistakes that can lead to an extreme negative reaction of a visitor. In the end it can ruin your business from the start and prevent all possible return visits. So, how to avoid this?

All we need is test

Ideally, upon creating the final draft version of your brand new dating site you should go ahead and test it. Run it through several average users and get their feedback. Make some changes based on said feedback and only then open the fuse and let the main traffic flow through. Even now, keep monitoring the reactions, and analyse what else can be tweaked for better results.

Keep in mind that absolutely everyone make mistakes, and that’s OK. Never give up, because people’s preferences change over time, so even if you created a seemingly perfect dating site, some minor issues are virtually unavoidable. Never take it as a negative sign – on the contrary – these are the results measures that show you the way forward.

It is also important to involve professional analytical tools for course corrections. You will see live dynamic data regarding your site visitors to influence their on-site behavior. One such great and free tool is Google Analytics (which we covered in one of the previous posts).

The following metrics are especially useful to monitor member activity on your site:

  • Bounce rates;
  • Behavior charts;
  • Site entry/exit points;
  • Events;

This and other data will help you understand how long your visitors stay on your site, which pages are most popular, and even what make the users leave your site altogether.

In truth, there isn’t a definite final list of mistakes to cover all possible situations a dating startup might encounter. However, the list above will give you a good start for building a proper dating site and shaping it as a tool to make money. Also, don’t forget, that SkaDate Dating Software support team and project managers are always just a call away, and they will too help you along avoiding all the possible pratfalls.