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SkaDate Dating Software: W3C Standards

SkaDate Dating Software: W3C Standards


standardsI’m happy to welcome you in SkaDate Dating Software blog. Autumn is a good time for new ideas, plans and business startups, so it’s an ideal moment to catch your luck by the tail and push a new online dating site. Some have already purchased a SkaDate Dating Script license, and now they work on making their sites professional and competitive on the market. Others still hesitate and research the Internet for advice. Anyway, the information about W3C standards must be interesting to both customers and prospects.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international organization, founded by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. In theory, W3C standards are supposed to define basic coding standards for all websites and applications; and some people think that W3C compliance is an extremely important requirement for the website’s effectiveness.

In fact, W3C compliance only means that the website’s HTML and CSS code is fully compliant with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium, but it does not affect site’s popularity. Even such websites as Yahoo! and Google have errors in their codes, though it’s a big question whether minor deviations from W3C standards can be called “errors”. The W3C standards are exceptionally rigid, with no space for interpretation. To check your site’s W3C compliance, submit your URL to Markup Validation Service and you will get an overview of all the “errors” in your code.

Some SkaDate Dating Software clients consider non-compliance with W3C rules as a lack of quality though there are some widespread site-building techniques with more interesting functionality, that would make these sites non-compliant. This is absolutely pointless and have no influence on the layout and features of the site. Moreover, strict following W3C standards may reduce site’s functionality.

By default, W3C standards are not supported by SkaDate Dating Software. Our product is a large script, consisting of multiple php, css, html and javascript files, which makes W3C support impossible. However, since SkaDate Dating Script is an open source product, it can be customized by its owners. Our customers are free to adjust the software the way they like, if it is important for them.

Talking about standards, Cross-Browser Compatibility is much more important measure of website’s professionalism and quality. So, if your site looks the same in all contemporary browsers, it’s very good. There are many other criteria for measurement of site’s effectiveness such as professional design, high position in search results, high traffic and more. So, don’t get desperate if the Markup Validation Service have found “errors” in your code, almost all popular sites have them and it does not mean that your site is not competitive.

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