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SkaDate Dating Software Explains Website Mods Support

by Zima.

SkaDate Dating Software
is packing quite a punch under its hood. As many of our veteran clients can attest, on top of numerous features and free dating templates/themes, SkaDate dating script is highly customizable. In fact, this is one of the major reasons for its popularity.

Our team of highly-qualified supporters is always on hand when it comes to helping SkaDate users changing some aspects of the solution’s look and feel. Most of the time we do it for free (if you have the support service activated), however, there are some instances when requested modifications require additional fees for the implementation. I will try to explain the difference here.

In the simplest terms, the support team will help a user without additional charges, if requested modifications do not require any direct involvement of programmers and designers, i.e., when no changes to the source code are needed. Let’s call this a Basic Modification.

For instance, when a customer wants to install a custom logo, replace the website’s background image, alter font size or color of the links, change favicon or the order inside the Member Home Links Component (all within our specifications), our support team members can do it on their own, thus no additional fees apply.

However, when users need to completely change the background color, add new components (not present in the default SkaDate version), migrate member database, integrate a new payment provider, or create a new interlinking infrastructure, etc., said changes will have to be made in the software code itself. This is called a Code Modification.

A Code Modification implies changing the very structure of SkaDate. Basically, a developer will have to re-write the software code and practically create a stand-alone version of our dating solution to correspond to one specific client idea. Needless to say, we can do it too, although such a project will require additional fee, depending on the complexity of requested changes.

At first, this might be a bit confusing for anyone without a technical background, but SkaDate support team is always on standby, ready to explain the type of modification clients have on their mind, and present them with appropriate options.

If the modification is basic, supporters will make it without asking for additional fees, or will tell clients how they can do it on their own. If the modification in question implies some code changing, clients will receive a breakdown of the required work and the according price.

I hope this adds some clarity. Good luck modifying your site to make sure it meets your ultimate vision. Anything is possible with SkaDate, and we’ll always be there to help you.