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SkaDate Dating Software Features – Integrated Google Map

SkaDate Dating Software Features – Integrated Google Map


Hello everyone! The spring is in full play and SkaDate Dating Software celebrates it with a release of a new version, provided by optimized performance, advanced spam control and other new features. If you you’re still in the “to buy or not to buy” boat, it’s the best time ever to make a decision and get a license right now.

Talking about new features in more details, I would like to pay your attention to the integrated Google Map, introduced in latest SkaDate Dating Software version by popular demand. You can easily find the map on the homepage or add it to your user’s profile by clicking on the “add component” button. It shows users who are currently online with dots on their locations and the distance between them. You may change the map’s look by choosing either street map with/without terrain or satellite imagery with/without street names, you may zoom it in and out as well.

Location-based dating is one of the latest trends and it’s especially popular in gay communities, maybe because women are often unwilling to discover their location and they are rarely go for dates without preliminary data vetting.

According to general statistics, geographical location of the potential partner is the third important factor after profile picture and “about me” section. It’s understandable since the majority of people nowadays are too busy to waste their time on internet chatting with someone they are very unlikely to meet in real life. Even though I guess there are those who are interested solely in online-based relationships. In such cases, Google Map is extremely important as well to make you sure that your virtual partner is far enough from your city.

Google Map may also be useful when you are searching for a last minute date tonight. It increases the possibility to find another single person in your location looking up for the same.

Map is not the only new feature in SkaDate Dating Software latest version; other features will be covered in further blog entries. Or you can buy a licence and check all the admin and user features yourself. Have a successful business with SkaDate and follow the blog news.

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