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SkaDate Features: Privacy is a Must

SkaDate Features: Privacy is a Must


by Zima

PrivacyThe word privacy is tossed around a lot lately. We can all thank Google+ for the resurrection of the topic, as it’s one of the distinctive features that sets the big G apart from all other social networks. We understand the concerns and always have. That is why SkaDate Dating Software includes several basic, but very useful privacy functions.

For starters it should be clear that as a solution intended for virtual matchmaking, SkaDate allows networks’ members to befriend other members and then lock personal private data and uploaded content, making it accessible to only a selected group of people. Alternatively, if members want maximum exposure, they can set their privacy as Public – this way content will be available to anyone interested. Let’s look into details.

Remember how last week I created a Harry Potter profile? Now that the initial shock of not seeing any more wizard-adventures settled in, I feel somewhat ashamed of being an over-thirty year old fan of essentially a kids franchise. But seeing as how it still netted me a few potential dates, let’s keep the profile alive for a while, although making it as private as possible. It’s creepy, but if you think about it, that’s how it works in real life – for instance, you never learned about your neighbor’s D&D Role-playing antics. I said, you never learned about it, dammit…

Anyway, as the first thing, I’ll make the content I uploaded last week private. Basically, anything that ends up in My Photo, My Video, and My Music folders can be set as private. For example, every video members upload have two links under them – Delete and Edit. After clicking Edit they are taken to a new page, where the video’s status can be changed from Public to Friends Only.

Pretty much the same can be done to every uploaded photo. Except there is an additional bonus of making chosen pics Password Protected. That’s right, if I don’t want to show my Ron Weasley photos even to my friends, I can select the option to password-protect them and then send out the password to those who are truly worthy of this treasure-trove of a knowledge.

Another useful privacy option is included with the Groups function. When members create new groups they can choose who can browse their Group pages, and who can join them – Anyone or only those who will be Invited. There is also a possibility to make Groups Invitation-only, but also leaving a backdoor in allowing other members to ask for access.  As I chose to make my profile uber-private, I’ll set the Group browsability to ‘Only Members’ and open access ‘By Invitation Only’ flat.

Now, before going into full lockdown, I want to remind everyone that Gift Sending can also be made discreet with SkaDate. Yep, there is an option of making selected gifts ‘Visible to Recipient Only,’ which is nice, considering the possible repercussions for publicly sending out fluffy teddy bears by an older member disguised as a teenager with a wand…

OK, it’s time for the final stage of my ‘going-underground’ plan. All photos are password-protected, all videos are for friends only, and all groups only accept members I invite personally. After venturing into ‘My Profile’ settings, members can mark a checkbox ‘Profile is Available for Friends Only’ under ‘Set Private Status’. I’ll do just that, and… here we go – now I have a fortress of a profile, barely penetrable even for my friends.

As you can see, with so many privacy choices SkaDate Dating Solution gives network members a wide range of very flexible options that can be mixed and matched, depending on a specific situation. And that is important, my friends, because it always should be up to the User, whether to hide something from a virtual Lord Voldemort, or a very real D&D Role-playing neighbor.

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