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Skadate Dating Software Features: Virtual Gift Shop

Skadate Dating Software Features: Virtual Gift Shop



by Varda Carrera

Virtual Gift Shop is a beautiful SkaDate Dating Software feature that allows you to monetize your dating website. Millions of virtual gifts are purchased every year, involving transaction of over $4 Billion; and this amount of money is increasing by 40% per year.

At first sight, it seems strange that users agree to pay real money for virtual gifts. But they actually pay not for the gift, which is just an image at its core, but for the message that stands behind. Gifts make communication more effective and emotional, they show affection, sympathy, appreciation. Especially gifts are important for dating websites: if the user applies a virtual gift to the message, the chance to receive an answer is twice higher. The point that the gift has a price makes it more valuable.

Virtual gifts are in a high demand nowadays and it’s reasonable to focus your monetization efforts on them. To establish your own unique virtual gift shop, you need to go to SkaDate Dating Software admin area and choose “virtual gifts” in a “configuration” section. To create a virtual gift template choose a picture from your computer by clicking the “choose file” button in a “create template” section and download it. At the same section you may not only set up credits cost per each gift as well as status (active or inactive) but also you may classify your gifts by categories. To create a new category click “add category”, type in the title and then click the “add” button.

Well, the technical part is quite simple , but I also want to provide you with some facts which help you to understand the reasons why users exchange virtual gifts. This information may be useful in creating an effective virtual gifting-based business.

  • Virtual gifting frequency depends on gender: women send virtual gifts 5 times more often and for more various purposes than men. Men usually do that for romantic reasons.
  • Virtual romantic gifts are appreciated as much as real ones and probably even more, because they are visible to the entire user’s social network, while offline presents are only visible to a narrow group of people. This fact raises users’ value in their own eyes.
  • Reciprocity is a fundamental factor in the process of virtual gifting for both the sender and the recipient. People usually give presents because they hope to receive a positive response and receivers feel obliged to give a present back. So, remember when creating your own virtual gift shop, powered by SkaDate Dating Script, that a “thank you” virtual gift in your inventory might be in demand.

The most romantic season is coming very soon, so it’s a good time to monetize your dating website by upgrading your virtual gift shop. If you still don’t have a SkaDate Dating Software license, than it’s a perfect time to buy one.

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