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SkaDate Features: Virtual Gifts

SkaDate Features: Virtual Gifts


by Zima

SkaDate Features: Virtual GiftsAbout a month ago I wrote about some ways to use SkaDate Dating Software to make money, namely how to handle various membership types for the improved cash flow. Of course, that isn’t the only monetization option at your disposal.

If you want to start an online dating site, you ought to know that virtual relationships operate on many of the same principal concepts as the real thing. Hence, you have to give your members some tools and options to foster their bonds. Flowers? Chocolate? Champagne? Teddy Bears? Yes. Only virtual.

Selling virtual gifts to your members to use is a nice and clean way to make some extra cash. Everyone loves receiving and giving gifts – it’s human nature. At the same time, spending money on gifts, especially during a dating phase, is actually a part of our culture now. We all expect it and are ready for it.

It works even better on the Internet where many things are free. A virtual gift shows that a member made that extra step to purchase and send a little pixelated wonder to the object of their affection, instead of picking up a dull postcard from a two-second Google image search.

Back to the point. SkaDate dating script is very user-friendly and quite advanced when it comes to virtual gifts. Dating site owners have the freedom to assign gift sending to different membership types, or make them available to everyone. They can make gifts free, or set the price for each gift in user credits (which can be bought for real money). They can even create themed categories and then upload appropriate pictures for members to chose from.

Say, what if one of the most popular holidays was approaching? Why not create a category called Halloween and drop a bunch of ultra cool but grim gifts there? Make all other existing gifts free (if you want), instead setting a price for new gifts, because they will be available only for a short period of time. Network members love this exclusivity! Just be sure to promote the deal on the front page.

Alternatively, make all Halloween gifts free, as a sign of appreciation to your members. Again, promote it as a short-time offer, thus advancing the gift-giving philosophy of the site. In no time everyone will start gifting each other with free and generic presents, while waiting for something exclusive and affordable to appear.

And just so you know, the gifts your members will send to each other can be supplemented with personal messages, and will appear on their profiles and members pages, remaining there for everyone to see even after the limited offer expires. On the other hand, SkaDate 8 allows the sending of private gifts, if what your members want is a little secrecy.

As with everything in web dating business, a little bit of care and creativity can make something as trivial as virtual gift giving a major selling point – an exiting feature members will appreciate. It’s one of those subtle but nice things, along with SkaDate free online dating templates, that make your particular site stand out. Enjoy this great gift of gift giving, and let others in on the fun.

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