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SkaDate Marketing Tips: Evaluate Your Website

SkaDate Dating Software

Last week Rand Fishkin, the founder of MOZ (arguably the best place to hang out for SEO marketing specialists), raised the issue of ugly websites in his Whiteboard Friday sessions. Rand’s comparison of websites with parents’ view of their children is peculiar but very true: “No matter how awful they might be, we rationalize their behavior and tell everyone else how wonderful they are,” he says. Fishkin warns that this kind of blind love often prevents management from making objective decisions, and destroys a lot of marketing efforts put into the site.

I personally know how hard it is to accept that a site you created, raised, loved and promoted now looks a bit out of date. But how am I supposed to realize its imperfection? What Fishkin suggests to marketers and designers is to evaluate the website in the following way:

  • Create a list of top competitors and then set up a brief survey. It doesn’t have to be many people: several current customers, several potential new customers, and, if possible, industry influencers (experts, bloggers, journalists), and ask them to rate you versus your competition one through five.
  • Take a look at your Google Analytics: bounce rate, time on site,  browse rate (browse rate being the number of pages on average that are visited per visitor session). Now look at the industry averages and compare.  It should give an idea of how attractive your pages really are.
  • If formal usability testing is too expensive, try these three apps:, to get lots of new people to your site and collect feedback on your website.

Obviously, going through these steps requires a great deal of open-mindedness and understanding that some changes to your site presentation can potentially wield a better business operation and profit. So, once you set your mind on improving the site and went the length of implementing the survey. The next stage is analysis and a change of strategy. But that’s a topic for another time. For now we wish you all the best with the efforts of marketing you sites powered by SkaDate Dating Software. Until next time!