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Presenting SkaDate Master II Dating Software and Release Discounts Galore

Presenting SkaDate Master II Dating Software and Release Discounts Galore

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SkaDate New Version Release

SkaDate Master II Release Discounts

The time has come to unveil the brand new version of our flagship product SkaDate Master. In the last six months we’ve collected a significant amount of feedback, and decided to concentrate the efforts of the development team on combating one of the most persistent issues plaguing the online dating industry in the recent years – Spam.

This way the new version of the acclaimed SkaDate Dating Software retains all the useful elements of the prior versions (over 50 on-site, administrator and user features), but also significantly steps up the game when it comes to dealing with spam.

More Spam Protection

SkaDate Master II offers solutions for dealing with both, automated site joining by spam bots, and manual creation of those pesky spam blog posts. This is done by introducing the new protection system for SkaDate Join Form, as well as integrating Akismet filtering service – the most popular anti-spam solution for blogging platforms. The filter, created by the same team behind WordPress, collects information about spam content across all participating blogs, and then blocks future spam by applying its spam rules. Click here to learn more.

One important thing to remember – just as everyone, we fully understand that no solution in the world guarantees 100% internet spam protection. Nevertheless, we believe that SkaDate Master II dating script makes a significant improvement in this regard.

SkaDate Master II Other Improvements

SkaDate Master II Template Serene

In addition to anti-spam solutions, SkaDate Master II now fully supports PHP 5.5, and also comes prepackaged with a brand new template Serene, which emphasized cleanliness, tranquility, and future development path for our in-house design team. On top of that, SkaDate Master II dating script features over 50 bugfixes and minor improvements across the entire platform. It’s safe to assume this is the best SkaDate version yet.

All SkaDate clients can download the update from their Customer Areas, or contact our Support Team in case they need any help implementing the update. New and potential customers can try SkaDate Demoplace an order, or get in touch with our Sales Operators for any remaining questions.

SkaDate Master II Release Discounts

To celebrate the achievement that is the release of SkaDate Master II, we launch a 5-day-long discount marathon for all new and current SkaDate clients. Right up until next Monday (October 14), all you have to do is pick the most appealing offer from the list below, or contact our pre-sales operators to learn more:

  • $50 OFF with each purchase over $99 (Save $50);

Enjoy the new SkaDate version and use your chance to start a dating site with the best tools presently available on the market.

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