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SkaDate Mobile Dating App Features: Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics for SkaDate Dating Software and Mobile Dating Apps

Flurry Analytics for SkaDate Dating Software and Mobile Dating Apps

In recent years SkaDate pioneered many features now considered essential, as far as dating software goes. This work is never over for us, and this is especially evident right now, when we shift focus towards mobile dating and SkaDate mobile dating apps. Case in point our latest release – SkaDate 11.2. Among other cool things, we’ve added two major features, which take SkaDate Dating Software and Mobile Dating Apps to a whole new level:

  • Flurry Analytics
  • Google AdMob

In this post we take a deeper look at Flurry Analytics and explain why this tool is considered a must for any mobile dating business owner.

Back in  August 2014 Flurry Analytics officially joined Yahoo group of companies, which immediately gave gravitas to the project, and showed enormous business potential of the tool. As of right now Flurry already presents many analytical opportunities so useful for proper enterprise management. Let’s review all the benefits, the service adds to your SkaDate Mobile Dating Apps.

You can’t have effective business development without good web-analytics.

That’s the essence of any online business (dating included), and you just can’t grow without it – you need tools to monitor every step, each separate keyword or ad phrase effectiveness, as well as return on investment (ROI), after spending money on advertisement.

Fortunately, Flurry is one of the best tools for the task, and is provided absolutely for free:

  1. Flurry App – with the all-new Flurry app, you can track your apps’ performance anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
  2. Manage your App Portfolio. View data for multiple apps at one time to gain a holistic view of performance for your company. Easily compare the iOS and Android versions of multiple apps to answer questions like, “Which apps operating systems are driving the most in-app purchases?”
  3. Complex Analysis with Ease. No code, no queries, no wait. All users can easily create and save advanced report filters, segment users and perform ad-hoc cohort and funnel analysis.

Flurry gives you several useful reports to dissect and perfectly plan your next move:



Usage statistics allows you to monitor all new installations, active users, sessions generated by clients, application usage frequency, etc.


Retention report is one of the most helpful tools, which shows you the stats for returning users after the installation. After all, some users may download and install the app, but then never use it again. Using the report data you can ‘re-activate’ these specific users with various notifications, or even through AdWords remarketing.


This information tells you everything there is to know about your audience, including interests, age, sex, language spoken, and user location. By better understanding who your audience is, you can choose promotion channels and campaign details more thoroughly.

User Acquisition

User acquisition stats show you the sources of the application installation. If you are spending money for your apps promotion, you just have to know which channels pay off best, and bring you most install traffic. It’s all about effective budget management.

Other Reports

Events, Errors and Technical reports are mostly stuff for the analysis of your apps’ UX, which can help you make it even better – remove pesky bugs, optimize usability, etc.

By now you can see for yourself how helpful Flurry Analytics really is. Don’t you want to start your online dating business in the most efficient way, and receive useful and detailed data about your mobile dating apps? Flurry Analytics itself is free, while its integration into SkaDate Apps is covered by our Basic App Customization service. Contact our support team if you have any questions remaining, and get on analyzing the data for better business optimization.