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SkaDate Plugins and Addons

SkaDate Plugins and Addons


One of the more frequent questions we are asked is where to get the best possible plugins and addons for SkaDate Dating Software. Said additions allow you to significantly expand your online dating site with more functionality and features, make it more powerful, as well as suit your specific niche and business goals.

Keep in mind that the base software package you get with the purchase is already enough to launch and run a perfectly powerful dating site. However, you can always supplement the default features included in the package with a collection of hundreds of third-party plugins from the Oxwall Store.

This is possible because all recent versions of SkaDate Dating Software are running on the Oxwall open source social networking platform. That immediately sets SkaDate apart, since our active developers community is always busy creating new plugins and addons easily found in the Oxwall Store.

Here are a couple of example of useful stuff you can find there:

  • User Online
    Notifies you that your friends, users you follow, or sent friend requests, are currently online;
  • VIP Profiles Protector
    Encourages users to buy VIP memberships. The plugin prohibits Free role users to view user profiles with VIP roles (you can select any role in plugin settings);
  • SEO Text
    A tool for adding SEO text, editing titles, keywords and descriptions;
  • User Activity Motivator
    With this plugin you can either grant a member 10 credits every 30 minutes he stays online or charge 5 credits every 10 minutes he uses your site services.

That’s just five plugins from hundreds available in the Oxwall Store.

But even if you can’t find something very specific you need, we can still help you. After all, we have an in-house development team working specifically on custom modifications requested by our clients. Just drop us a line, and we’ll assess your project’s timeframe and costs. Chances are we can solve your issue in the most affordable and efficient way possible.


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