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SkaDate & SOD Technologies Launch 24/7 Ticket Support

SkaDate & SOD Technologies Launch 24/7 Ticket Support

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SkaDate & SOD Technologies Launch 24/7 Ticket SupportWe have great news for all SkaDate Dating Software owners. SOD Technologies, a Certified SkaDate Partner, is launching 24/7 ticket support for SkaDate customers – an alternative to the current support option provided by the SkaDate Team. SOD Technologies is a software company specializing on providing quality Information Technology services at competitive rates.

The present costs for ticket support will remain $95/month for either of the selected options; with SkaDate Team available Monday through Friday, 9AM to 6PM (GMT +6), and SOD Technologies providing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24 hours response time guaranteed). Click here to learn more about SkaDate Support Options, or here for more information about SOD Technologies support plan.

* * *

After witnessing a substantial growth of our client base, we have set ourselves a challenge of further improving customer services, while maintaining current rates for high quality ticket support.

We have always strove to provide the community with the best possible services, which led to a natural decision to extend our current support hours to a 24/7 operation. Handling the increased load, however, would require us to raise the present rates, something we wanted to avoid at all costs.

The solution was found in the strategic alliance with our certified partners SOD Technologies. This company has worked closely with us for more than a year, creating various modifications for SkaDate dating script, while setting up a very reliable and trustworthy connection.

In the last few months we have asked some of our clients to test the new 24/7 support team, and the response we received was very positive. This reinforced our belief that we made the right choice, which will only improve client satisfaction.

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