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SkaDate Dating Software Team: Irene, SkaDate Project Manager


In 2012 SkaDate Dating Software was finally recognized a leading product on the niche market of dating solutions, while the SkaDate Team received the long overdue acclaim it deserves.

The iDate Runner-Up Award for the best dating software, as well as skyrocketing number of websites using it, on top of the 9th version of SkaDate dating script actually seen as a pinnacle of Skalfa’s impressive lineup, all contributed to this success.

This achievement is even more impressive, since Skalfa, the company behind the product, is actually an independent group of very dedicated developers, technicians, designers, and other visionaries. I think it’s the perfect time I introduce some of them to you through a series of brief interviews; and it’s appropriate to start with the product manager, Irene.

What is it that you actually do at Skalfa, and more specifically at SkaDate?

I deal with everything related to customer satisfaction, whether it’s a support ticket or blog comment from an unhappy client, or SkaDate feature suggestions.

If we narrow that down to a job title, I am a Customer Service Department Manager, and I’m the right person to contact if you are dissatisfied with the quality of services or products provided by the SkaDate Team.

I am also the SkaDate Project Manager. I control various aspects of the software release planning and infrastructure development.

What is the biggest challenge in day-to-day management of a big project like SkaDate?

The biggest challenge is getting every part of this compound project to work smoothly and without interruption: coordinating sales, support, marketing and development teams in a way for them to form a flawless infrastructure rather than remain as isolated parts.

How often do you communicate with clients and how important is client input in SkaDate development?

As a Customer Service Department Manager, I process customers’ feedback daily. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, software- or service-related, it is thoroughly considered in decision making. Starting from SkaDate v.7, we’ve been forming the software releases based on the customers’ feature suggestions.

Does negative feedback from unfair competitors bother you?

Not really. A careful reader can always tell a real client’s review from a biased post intended to slander the company. Nevertheless, I always prefer to respond both, to fake and real feedback in order to help separate the husk from the grain.

What can SkaDate clients expect in the nearest future?

Summer is a hot season. And we are preparing quite a few pleasant surprises for potential and current customers. Feature updates are planned for SkaDate Software and its Mobile Edition. So, stay tuned and keep track of the news.