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SkaDate Dating Software Team: Natalie, Sales Department Head


by Zima
IMG_4598We continue to introduce readers of the SkaDate Dating Software blog to the team behind our product. Although this month no real introduction is required since virtually all SkaDate customers go through the helpful hands of Natalie – the head of our Sales Department.

Nevertheless, we thought it would be appropriate to let our clients know more about the person they encounter first after becoming interested in actually purchasing SkaDate. For good measures, Natalie will also talk about some of the most pressing things every prospective buyer should know.

1. Introduce yourself and tell us about your work at SkaDate.

My name is Natalie and my primary managerial position is to oversee the efficient work of the Sales Department Team. At the same time I also run billing operations. As you can guess, my everyday work mostly consists of controlling and improving product sales of the company, as well as communicating with potential clients, and contributing to the overall development strategy.

Side Note: Having been with SkaDate for 7 years (almost since the very beginning), I can say that it is a real joy to work and interact with other members of our team. It is just a real pleasure to be in a company of such talented and fun people, who create a very distinctive and great working atmosphere in the office.

2. When do SkaDate special offers take place  and why don’t you announce them in advance?

Although I take part in planning session, the truth is that only guys from Marketing really know the exact dates of all the upcoming promo campaigns. 🙂 Usually it happens twice a year, and of course we do not inform the clients about it in advance.

Imagine Toyota announcing that in 6 months they will drop a 50% off discount. Obviously this will lead to zero-sales during the following 6 months and herds of hungry and grumpy sales reps wandering around the office.

3. Why does SkaDate accept only PayPal and Google Checkout?

Quite simply, those are the most popular, convenient, and hassle-free payment gateways for all involved. I know that the more, the merrier, but at present the options satisfy all of our clients. Nevertheless, if we see the arising need to integrate additional providers, we definitely will.

4. Why doesn’t SkaDate have a refund policy?

That’s an excellent question often asked by both prospective and current clients. I know that Marketing is likely to have a fancy official explanation, so I try to put it in simple terms.

Basically, SkaDate dating script is 100% unencrypted, which makes it an intangible product. So, when you get access to the code, you “cut off the tag.” After that you cannot wrap it back and return to the store.

5. What question is asked most often by SkaDate prospect clients?

“Is that really you on the chat photo?” 🙂 Just kidding. Most often prospects ask about SkaDate features, whether the default look can be changed, do they need to be skilled in PHP to manage a SkaDate based site, etc.

Come to think of it, there are lots of questions! That is why sales operators must know the software inside-out and be ready to answer any of them. And my job is to make sure that next time you contact our pre-sales department, you get a 5 star service! Oh, and yes, that’s really me on the chat photo.