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SkaDate Team: Sardar,
Chief Technology Officer

Sardar SkaDate CTO

In today’s SkaDate Dating Software blog post we continue talking about members of the Skalfa team, and are happy to introduce Sardar Madumarov, our very own Chief Technology Officer.


Sardar, what are your responsibilities as a CTO?

I am responsible for the performance of the technical team at Skalfa. Together with the company’s management we identify opportunities for innovation and prioritize development initiatives. Our technical department works in collaboration with product designers and quality assurance staff, while I make sure that all the tasks coming from these departments are taken care of and are fully resolved. It is my duty to see the proper implementation of all objectives set for the Technical Department, all the while keeping the use of organization’s resources in check. Direct development also falls under my authority. In general, 50% of my job is technical, and another 50% is strictly managerial.

Tell us more about the technical team you manage

The team consists of highly skilled technology professionals whom I worked with for a long time. We know each other very well and are aware of each other’s professional and personal qualities, which is essential for teamwork. We do share same professional values and work ethics. It’s truly enjoyable to lead a team of extremely responsible and intellectually curious people, all of whom are capable of developing something beautiful and meaningful.

What are the top 3 skills you consider the most important for a Chief Technology Officer?

The first key skill for a Chief Technology Officer is the ability to communicate with people, and to present complex information in simple terms to both, technical and non-technical audiences. Communication skill is critical since being a CTO means sharing knowledge, mentoring, and frequently collaborating with other departments. Another skill is always staying innovative – maintain up-to-date knowledge of industry trends, emerging technologies and software development best practices. The third skill is superior analytical ability, combined with problem-solving aptitude.

What are your thoughts on SkaDate Master from a CTO point of view?

SkaDate Master’s success comes from placing customers’ needs and wishes as the highest priority. There’s always a presence of dynamic development, reflected by adding a feature after feature, which brings loyalty, as well as satisfaction to our clients, and makes SkaDate the leading dating software on the market. Inevitably, this results in a very strong but a complex solution. We work very hard to overcome this constraint and all ensuing challenges. A direct outcome of that is SkaDate Lite, a streamlined software based on the Oxwall platform.

What other projects you are busy with?

Currently our main focus lies with SkaDate Master. In addition, there’s also the aforementioned Skadate Lite, a flexible dating software solution, and of course Oxwall, a free open-source community platform. I love Oxwall: it is free, highly efficient and arguably the best toy among similar products around. It can also serve as the basis for the future crop of the tools we produce.

How does it feel to be in Skalfa for 7 years?

Oh, I enjoy it greatly. It’s in the people, the mood, the mission. I do what I love and get paid for it, what can be better?