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SkaDate Webpage Redesign: Look, it’s a heart!


So you’ve noticed the new look of the SkaDate Dating Software webpage, did you? Don’t worry it is all part of the plan. The plan to show you that as a company we constantly move forward and produce the best looking and functioning solution on the market. That and our love for pretty colors and simpler shapes, of course.

With this in mind the update to the SkaDate Dating Software website was something that was needed to be done. That is – finding the best possible way of getting the available tools and information to the people who need them the most. That said we still want your feedback, as the next big update regarding our web presence will deal with the mothership – the corporate website itself at, and we really want you to be a part of it.

Now, what better way is there to commemorate the change than to look back at the media and celebrate instances when industry giants managed to get into that wonderful mess of poor updating ideas? Here is our ‘Five website updates no one asked for’.