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You’ve probably heard of (learn more) – we are glad to announce this project has leveled up. We’ve made it a public resource, where anyone seeking or offering professional SkaDate customization services can join to work on projects together.

Now we need your help. Not to let the wrong people (scammers, spammers, developers with bad reputation etc.) take advantage of the anyone-can-join principle of the Internet on, a bit of your referral assistance is required. If you’ve ever had SkaDate software modifications done by a third-party developer, and were happy with the speed and quality of their work – refer them to, and send your positive feedback to SkadateCS administration. It would be great if you could provide us with examples of the custom work they did for you. We will be glad to add the developers with positive experience to the Featured list, thus helping contractors build up reputation, and SkaDate customers – find the right person to trust their projects to.

We look forward to expanding the SkaDate customization opportunities by providing a venue for site owners to find true professionals. We hope to see become just that – a place where great ideas meet talented developers.

Important: To get the best of your experience with and minimize the risks – make sure you read our Safety Recommendations before starting to work on the project.

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