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SkaDate’s Introduction to Rich Snippets

Once any aspiring online dating mogul is done with the initiation through learning how to build a dating site, the next logical step is to start planning proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which will become the cornerstone of the future marketing campaign. You have to be able to improve and promote your website on search engines, since they are the major sources of traffic that will be bringing you money. Remember that SEO has an exceptional rate of return, whether it is time or money, compared to any other marketing effort.

If you are new to SEO, be ready to encounter dozens of new terms. Fear not, it will all settle in place rather quickly once you start working with the system. Over time we’ll cover most SEO tricks, tips, hints, and tools right here in the SkaDate Dating Software blog, but today we’ll take a brief look at Rich Snippets.

Snippets are the few lines of text that appear under every search result. They are designed to give a searcher a basic understanding of content on the destination page, and why it is relevant to the initial query.

Rich snippets are divided into categories, each having its own unique value and visualization: restaurants, music, people, businesses or organizations, authors, recipes, videos, products, events, etc. If a user searches for events, the search engine will display the event’s date, location and time. If the user is looking for an author, the snippet will include the author’s name, photo and links to more articles.

For instance, if your query is “Breaking Bad Cast”, snippets will display the description of the show, it’s overall rating, and also list stars along with their pictures.

Needless to say, such engrossing presentation can be constructed virtually for any product or business, which is extremely useful for marketing purposes. In the next few posts we’ll tell you how to actually use rich snippets, add video rich snippets, and how to configure them to reach your marketing goals. Keep reading SkaDate Dating Software Blog for more tips, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, to take advantage of surprise events we’ve prepared throughout the year!