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SkaDate’s Online Dating November Roundup

by Zima.


SkaDate Dating Software’s Online Dating November Roundup is finally here! I know that we are running almost 10 days behind the schedule, but that’s because we are still cleaning up and recovering after all those Thanksgiving and birthday parties, and are also getting ready for the final stretch.

More fun times are ahead, and even though we just held a promo campaign last month, do know that more excitement is heading our way before the year is up. For now though, let’s look back at November and see what you might have missed in the world of online dating. As usual, our own blog posts for the month are at the bottom of the page.

As is the case all year round dating industry continues posting strong business figures to the point when it’s no longer fun to report about it. Yeah, Cupid meets full-year market expectations; yeah, Jiayuan continues to grow; yeah, investors are grieving about the lost opportunity of almost quadrupling on the unsinkable dating giants in just under a year. We got it. Online Dating is Winning. Big time.

Speaking of which. SkaDate dating script is once again the finalist of the Annual iDate Awards, so we thought maybe it is time for us to finally win the thing once and for all. Of course, that’s something we cannot do without your help, so please do vote for us until the time runs out. The award ceremony itself will be held on January 24, 2012, in Miami.

Business aside, November was a great month for mainstream celebrities to get a good taste of online dating. First, Emma Stone was reported to be eyeing the role of a social media savvy girl in an upcoming online dating comedy produced by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.  Then Diane von Furstenberg agreed to join forces with to provide women with expert first-date fashion advice, while the plus-sized winner of America’s Next Top Model Whitney Thompson became the president of The Big and The Beautiful niche dating site.

By the end of the month it was all about revelations, as both Dancing with the Stars Judge Carrie Ann Inaba and former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy revealed they are quite familiar with the online dating scene. Good for them, I say, and secretly hope that characters from Twilight Saga (which exploded last month) would take cue from reality stars, go virtual, and stop bothering us forever.

In addition to Twilight, which was a virtually unavoidable subject last month, we’ve also covered quite a lot of statistics released recently. November continued the trend and we’ve got even more research data to sink our teeth into.

For instance, revealed that New York is the best US city for mobile and online dating. That’s not really surprising, of course, unlike the second placement of Houston for online and Chicago for mobile. Go figure.  A more practical study conducted in Singapore says that Asian women prefer taller men in their internet romances, while women in general find the display of good dental care on their matches’ profiles to be of the highest importance.

Even more interestingly, pulling data from major dating sites shows that their visitors actually have newfound faith in relationships, and monogamy just might be the next big thing. Moreover, a survey by says that the acts of infidelity are declining among the population, although the number of cheaters getting caught is rising. Why? Smart phone records.

In general, mobile phones and mobile on-the-go dating is currently the hit of the season, and is likely to become the biggest trend in online dating next year. I guess, we’ll have to do something about it here in SkaDate HQ, and we will, I promise. At the same time, looking back at last year, it’s clear that 2011 was all about niche division.

November followed suit, and we got new sites for people with shared sense of humor – Jongleurs; confirmed young professionals – Sparkology (I imagine it’s something like LinkedIn Dating, ha!); film lovers everywhere – FilmJuiceDating; and even Scottish Singles. I especially love that last one, since I’m a redhead, and the site is called… wait for it… SkoDate! This is brilliant, and I think we should definitely do something together. Don’t you agree?

Oh, by the way, if you do agree or disagree with anything we say or do, there is a chance to speak your mind directly to the CEO of Skalfa LLC, the company behind SkaDate dating solution. We plan to hold regular Google+ Hangouts with our current and potential clients and all of you are invited. Join on the fun!

SkaDate's Online Dating November Roundup

I don’t care, I’m adopting this frog!

I’ll leave you with a heartwarming piece that shows that our industry does something far greater than just connecting people and improving their love lives (no small feat in itself).

It’s a real-life Frog Prince Fairytale that employs online dating mechanics. Anyway, Amphibian Ark, a conservation program with a goal of preserving vulnerable and threatened species, uses online dating tactics to set up lonely frogs (awww) with conservation organizations, zoos, and other interested donors. See, we all are more than just successful entrepreneurs, we also save the planet. Cheers, everyone!


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