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Skalfa Turns 10!

Skalfa Turns 10!

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Skalfa Turns 10!Today Skalfa LLC is celebrating a wonderful decade of achievements. It’s hard to believe, but the company behind the acclaimed SkaDate Dating Software turns 10 on December 1st. As can be imagined, that’s nothing to sneeze at – the past ten years saw SkaDate rise from an obscure niche product to its rightful place among online dating industry stalwarts.

On this occasion we’ve asked Skalfa Founder and CEO Emil Sarnogoev to share his thoughts on the humble beginnings of the current dating software market leader.

“On December 1, 2004, I, my beloved wife Julia, and a few friends gathered in one room and I announced that we were starting a company that aimed to solve the problem of making relationships online.

We had some legacy technology left from my previous venture, so I naively suggested that we could build upon it to achieve some fast results. Little did I know. That was a start of a long and difficult journey of building our products from scratch, discovering our place, and reinforcing our values in the market that didn’t quite honor best practices at the time.

Looking back I can only guess why we were the ones to climb to the leadership position in the market of online dating website business software. Probably, we just cared more. We were (and are) much more concerned of how to keep our customers happy. In that sense we really pushed the last mile the hardest.

That’s how our flagship product SkaDate has come a long way to what it is now. Since the release in September 2014 we’ve closed 3 record months in a row, and made ripples in the market. Yes, again. We are having our strongest team of all times, and just started tapping some undiscovered areas where we can help.

Thanks for being in this journey with us! We are off to our next decade together.”

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