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Skalfa Turns 7

Skalfa Turns 7

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Skalfa Turns 7December 1st – what a wonderful day!

Not only is this the first official day of winter, but it’s also the day Skalfa LLC celebrates it’s foundation. The company behind SkaDate Dating Software was born seven years ago.

It has been a turbulent time for everyone. On the global scale a lot has changed politically, economically and technologically. If anything, these seven years taught us that in our line of work people cherish stability, dedication and innovation the most. And that’s what we are trying to give our clients with SkaDate.

We are still quite young at seven, but our commitment to producing the leading dating solution on the market, as well as loyalty to our clients, makes us believe we all have a great and successful future ahead of us.

Thank you for choosing us as your partners, we wont let you down.  Here is to the Lucky Number Seven, everyone!

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