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SkaDate Dating Software Marketing Tips: SMM for Dating Sites Promotion

SMM for dating sites: Make sure these 10 social media posts are part of your content calendar

Why SMM is Important for Your Dating Business 

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote your online dating service. Unless you are the one and only Match Group Inc., chances are there are much more people populating various social networks than your dating site. And what we you want to do is to get some of these people (preferably a lot) to visit your own site powered by SkaDate Dating Software.

So how do you promote your dating business with social platforms? You post and share content – that’s how. And not just any type of content – if you want your marketing strategy to actually work, this content should be valuable to the reader.

Basically, you want all the stuff you always hear at the end of YouTube videos (for a good reason) – likes, subscribes, shares, engagement, virality, and all other good things that come to social media marketers. If your marketing plan does not promote this type of activity, then you are doing something wrong.

The question all marketers ask is what type of social media content gets the best virality? And more importantly, what type of content gives you the best value for your dating site and mobile dating apps?

“Value” here is defined in terms of engagement, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Return on Investment (ROI), and revenue. And of course you want to spend your content marketing money in ways that have a significant ROI. So, rather than acting on a hunch, better focus on proven tactics that do work, and the content with greatest value.

10 Types of Posts to Have on Your SMM Schedule 

1. Asking Questions

Everyone has an opinion, and social media networks empower people to share theirs.  Stats show that “question” posts get 100%  more comments than regular social media content. For example, you might get people talking by asking,

“What is your best online dating experience?” 



But do be careful with the type of engagement you are looking for. According to one study, question posts will help you get more comments but tend to collect fewer likes and shares. It’s all checks and balances, so play around with your intentions, and spread the content across the schedule evenly.

2. Fill in the Blanks

Requesting your readers to complete a sentence is an excellent way to improve engagement and get better feedback from your followers at the same time. The information you get will be useful to create content marketing content for the promotion of your niche or mobile dating apps. Alternatively, you can also use the insights to improve your dating sites. Here’s a couple of examples:

“The worst online dating experience I ever had was due to __________.”

“If there was one thing I wanted to see on a dating app is __________.”

3. Free Tips and Advice

Your followers always are on the lookout for guidance they can use themselves, or send to others. That’s human nature – no matter how confident we feel, we always assume a post with tips and cheats will give us even more useful info. But even if we already know the info in the post we still appreciate it, since it makes us feel good about ourselves – we are smart enough to know the tips already! So why not share it? See, providing valuable content keeps your followers engaged and encourages further content dissemination.

Advice posts are also an excellent opportunity to repurpose and promote old content. You can give tips and directions for creating impressive profiles, or provide singles who visit your site with actual dating counseling and advice.

4. Divide and Conquer

Want to increase engagement? Divide your audience into two groups in a head-to-head post and encourage them to take sides. This is a smart way to discover customers’ dating preferences and other areas of interest to improve your marketing strategies. In some cases, these can be interesting posts that spark engagement and interaction among followers. Don’t worry if it sounds too aggressive, since it doesn’t have to be. Here’s an example –

“Flowers or Chocolates on the First Date: Which Camp are You?”

5. Comments on Trending Topics

When doing SMM for online dating business, spare a few days in your social calendar to occasionally cover trending topics as they occur. Widely celebrated holidays might have a huge impact for your business, and depending on your specific concept, other social events might too.

Valentine’s Day is an easy example, as it works for all dating sites. You can plan ahead and use the day to increase the engagement.  Make sure to research and attach related hashtags to your posts on the day, so others can easily find your content. Trending topics can get you very far, even with people who never heard of your dating site before. Also, proper use of hashtags has been shown to improve engagement by a much as 21%.

6. Share User Content

User generated content? Really? Who would actually pay any attention to an average user’s photos and videos on your social media channel? Well, it appears that many people would. More
than 90% of consumers trust peer reviews and user-generated content over any company-created material. 

If your members post content that features you or your services, definitely get it out there and share it as much as possible. If you got any, distribute success stories of couples who found true love through your online dating website. Or get talking with your members and find out what’s most likely to produce such engaging content.

7. Post a Video

Services like YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook’s native and live video options means sharing video has never been easier. It gives followers an inside look at your business and also creates connection to your brand on a more personal level. Oh, and while personal connections and touchy feely relations is all good, there’s also a business sense to this too.

Consumers who view video are actually more likely to join your portal. Also, a recent Google study showed that 92% of mobile video users share content they see with others. You can make it work to your advantage by creating a video showing the number of profiles on your dating site, or what features one can access after becoming a paid member.

8. Leverage Nostalgia

When marketing a dating business, don’t forget to use nostalgia, also known as the tactics that never fails. Sharing content with a days-gone-by feeling works wonders in capturing attention of the audience. You will also draw subconscious connections between your brand and the positive sensation your followers associates with the past. For example, you can share articles describing the ay dating and marriages happened in the pre-Internet times. Remember those? No Tinder, no SkaDate dating script? We neither.

9. Photo Content

Did you know that photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs on links, as compared to content-based posts? Photos allow you to tell a story visually, provide inside look at paid memberships, promote offers, or invite visitors to caption a funny image. In short, a picture is worth 1000 words. So do share that content in right places and you can get quality backlinks as well.

10. Host Promotions

Even our own stats show that 35% of consumers follow brands to stay updated on promotions. Another 42% follow for the special offers and discounts. Include this in your calendar to keep those followers engaged, but use these messages sparingly. Focus more on value than quick deals, or your posts will annoy followers who could perceive your content as spam. You can share membership deals or discount offers on virtual gifts or similar things according to your dating website. SkaDate dating software has plenty of tools to play around with, and make the foundation for your promotion campaigns.

So, now you are fully equipped to get going with SMM for online dating business for a while. Mix and match the ideas for better engagement and more value. Remember that timing of your posts also play an important role. Make sure you share posts when there is better chance of getting through to your audience and more followers are expected to be online. In conclusion – stop posting randomly, and plan your content marketing wisely and ahead of time.