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SkaDate Dating Software Presents: Social Media Strategy for Your Site

Due to the popular demand, the team behind SkaDate dating script is happy to share several very helpful tips on the vital topic of online dating site promotion. In this particular installment we’ll talk about social media tools, as they are perfect for building client loyalty, as well as connecting current and attracting new customers by analyzing their demands and preferences. What you really need here is the right strategy.

  • Include Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy

Social Media strategy should never be standalone; it must be integrated with main marketing goals. If you end up hiring SMM specialists, they should be aware of the dating site’s values, strategy, niche, etc., to properly integrate the basic vision withing greater marketing plans.

  • Determine Which Social Media Fit the Dating Site Best

Do not limited yourself with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter only. Consider Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, and many others as well. New social media sites are appearing and gaining popularity all the time, so it is vital to keep track of the trends. If choosing seems hard, you always can experiment with different tools and pick the most effective one.

  • Place Social Sharing Buttons on Your Dating Site

People interested in learning more about your dating site, will check your social media channels for more information. Placing sharing buttons on every page will make it much easier to reach intended destinations. it’s also important to remember that  visitors might be interested in sharing your content with their friends or followers.

  • Know Your Social Media Audience

Determine the target audience you want to engage through your social media network. Knowing your followers, subscribers and fans on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, etc., will help you with content you want to place in used accounts. Think of their points of view, activities, needs, likes, and social media behavior.

  • Engage

Continue communicating directly with your customers each and every day. Start conversations on Facebook, ask for opinions, share images or quotes on Twitter. Publish success stories about your customers and the company in engaging and simple way. Discuss relationship topics or anything relevant to your audience and/or online dating in general.

For instance, take a look at eHarmony’s Twitter – it has over 20 thousand followers, all engaged in sharing daily dating tips, providing and gathering feedback, or simply wishing a “good day” in all sorts of creative manner.

  • Measure the Results

Besides comments and social media shares never forget to monitor and track indicators that are helping you to progress. Analyzing this data will be incredibly useful in coming up with your further strategies, both in marketing, and general development.

Good luck, and keep an eye on SkaDate Dating Software blog for more useful tips and information.