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SkaDate Dating Software: New Build and Christmas Specials

There are so many great things the Holiday season brings: Christmas tree, decorations, smell of spices and oranges, cozy family dinners and lovely gifts. And of course discounts and Christmas promotions we’ve been eagerly waiting for during the year.

SkaDate Team have prepared a special offer for you: New build of SkaDate Dating Software + Mobile Edition for only $350 (regular price – $500). The promotion will last until December 25′ 2010, so take your chance to start a successful business – order SkaDate now!

This is what you’ll find in the new SkaDate 8.0.2223:

  • Facebook connect and profile synchronization

The process of joining your site has never been easier. Your potential members can sign up (and then log in) using their Facebook account details… and who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days? The system will import data from a user’s Facebook account by synchronizing it with the native SkaDate profile fields. If your site member updates his Facebook account details, he can synchronize these changes with his profile info by a simple button click.

  • Multiplayer games

You will like the new games we have integrated. Because they are fun and easy to play, have eye-catching graphics and user-friendly interface, and allow your site members to play each other involving no third-party players from the game servers. No ads!

Here are the multiplayer games we have selected for you: Mine Sweeping Race, Backgammon, Checkers, Eight Ball, Five in a Row, Multiplayer Go, Rock Paper Scissors. Players can chat while playing in a special game messenger, which makes the process even more interactive.

Games can be enabled/disabled via the Admin Panel, and are membership- and credits-dependent.

  • New template

We have customized our most-loved DreamDate template to offer you another good-looking theme with the same components structure. We hope you will like the SweetDate just as much. And no worries – DreamDate is still there. Now you simply have more colorful options to choose from.

  • Shoutbox

This feature has been long-awaited by our customers. We have finally implemented it in SkaDate Dating Software to give your site visitors another fun way to express themselves.

Shoutbox is basically a general chat that can be available either to non-logged in visitors (Guests) on the Index page, or to registered site members on the Member Home page. The feature can be turned on/off in the Admin Panel and configured to be membership-dependent.

Not to let spammers abuse the Shoutbox, we have added a filter that prevents messages with unwanted content (indicated by the site administrator) from appearing in the chat.

  • Possibility to send mass-mailing by membership types

This feature will make life easier for Admins by allowing them to send mass-mailing to a certain membership type. For example, you can send promotional letters to free members describing the benefits of paid plans and offering seasonal discounts for subscriptions.

  • New mobile user-clients for SkaDate Mobile Edition

Now members can access your site from even more mobile devices, browsers and platforms. Such as:
phones – SonyEricsson, Motorolla, iPhone, Nexus One, HTC HD2, HTC Desire, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Dream, HTC Touch PRO, HP iPAQ
platforms – Windows Phone, Windows CE, Windows Mobile v5
mobile browsers – Mobile Safari, Opera Mobi, Maemo Browser, Pocket Internet Explorer.
… and other less popular mobile clients.

  • Possibility to hide the Hotlist profiles from the Index page

We totally respect the privacy of your site members, and understand that Hotlist placement on the Index page is not always a good idea when it comes to closed communities. However, we don’t want you to disregard this great feature because of privacy issues. You can easily disable the Hotlist component for the Index page via the Admin Panel, and let your users enjoy Hotlist placement with no fear to be seen by non-members.

  • Mailto-type profile field

As usual, we have also performed critical and minor fixes, and worked on usability improvements.

Check out the Live Demo of SkaDate 8.0.2223, and enjoy the new opportunities it has to offer.

Happy Holidays from SkaDate Team!