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SkaDate Dating Software: Ten Useful Sites to Bookmark

SkaDate Dating Software: Ten Useful Sites to Bookmark


by Zima

SkaDate Dating Software: Ten Useful Sites to BookmarkHi everyone. Looking at the stats, I’ve noticed that one of my recent posts (SkaDate Dating Software: Top 20 Browser Extensions) generated quite a lot of attention. It’s understandable. Once you get your copy of SkaDate dating script and start building your very own online dating site, you’ll need all the help you can get in streamlining tasks and freeing additional time.

That’s exactly why I decided to give you some more tips on how to make your life easier. The following is the list of extremely helpful websites to put you on the right track of efficient time management. I personally use many of them, and can tell you – they are a lifesaver, especially in our common line of work!


This is a very helpful website. Basically, it’s a free SEO research tool. You type in your website address and the service produces a surprisingly thorough analysis of what you already do successfully and what needs to be done with your website to improve its performance even further.

As the site helpfully explains right at the start, “To scrim is to protect your email address before sharing it, so only real people will use it.” Indeed, the service converts user’s email into a short link that can be used in social media or anywhere else to prevent spam.


This is another helpful tool, this time for analyzing website speed and performance. In addition to laying out and prioritizing extracted data, the service supplies helpful tips and recommendations for web optimization.


A very good site for anyone who wants to raise money through a secure and user-friendly group fundraisers. The available widgets also make it easy to get the campaign promoted through various social media.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me

When in doubt about any site availability, you can use this site to check whether the problem exists only on your end, or affects the entire service.


This is one of my favorite task management applications available both in a web and iPhone versions. The clear-cut design and easy drag and drop interface for notes makes it extremely helpful in juggling all of your everyday tasks.

Built With

Built With is a technology lookup service that allows visitors to see what tools were used to built any websites. The produced comprehensive report gives website owners plenty of information which is obviously of great help in replicating someone else’s success.


Fiverr is a fun little site where people from around the world post a multitude of their service offers available for just five bucks. Don’t have time for a small task? Chances are great someone is ready to do it for you.


In our day and age everyone is using cloud services to store documents and files. Otixo works like a charm getting said services (including Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc.) into a single management system.

Code Academy

Most of our clients do not need to know anything about coding and programming, but even the basics are helpful in understanding how websites work. This site teaches users teaches the basics of coding in an enjoyable, fun, and interactive way.


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