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The New SkaDate

The New SkaDate

We at SkaDate have been in this business since 2004. It means we’ve seen world recessions go by, the market of online dating going up, down, being redefined, consolidated, and fragmented again.

Amidst all these things we’ve been steadily progressing with our products and services, growing our customer base and deepening our relationships with online dating entrepreneurs. We’ve taken many paths and explored many ways. We’ve been long holding the view that anybody can run a dating business with extremely affordable software from us.

Turns out, it’s only partially true.

Our customer base is very diverse and since we’ve collected a lot of data through years, we discovered one major trend. Clients who only purchased a software license from us, were much less likely to move beyond installing it. In some cases people failed to secure somebody to make code modifications. Many just were not sure about what to do next.

On the other hand, those who were thinking one step beyond setting up, were traditionally looking at our support options, SEO, custom development, strategic advice from our associates, and generally were more interested in what it was like to run an actual dating business, rather than just launch a website.

We gave this data a hard look and made an important decision: we should focus on helping businesses succeed, not merely provide software. This sounds cliche but in our case it meant a counter-intuitive decision to stop selling license-only options.

From now on we are focusing on those who we can have meaningful relationships with _after_ the sale. This is the area where a traditional software vendor’s interests clearly end.

This is harder to do and we have to give up a part of our revenue upfront. So, as you may guess, this was not an easy decision. However, we made it in our bid to fight for customer success and to optimize for long-term — something we’ve been successful with for more than a decade.

I welcome you to explore our new solutions:

Emil Sarnogoev

SkaDate CEO