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The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding


The Royal WeddingAnd now for something completely different. No matter if you are already married, still going out, or only probing the underworld of online dating, there is little chance a minor nuance of a wedding between an accessory buyer and a prince could have escaped your attention last week. In fact, the massive coverage of the Royal Romance was practically unavoidable for anyone living outside the Axis of Evil… Skadate Dating Software development team is no exception.  We weren’t there every step of the way, sure, but we were watching. And weeping along, because that’s what people do at weddings…

So here we are, stuffing on the cake leftovers from Prince William’s wedding and contemplating what went wrong with our lives. For instance, last time I checked I was still not a part of the royal family, despite the dashing looks and incredible intelligence. Also, the leftovers are chicken skin and we attended the ceremony mostly via tabloids. But seriously, how does a non-royalty beauty like Kate Middleton gets a date with a Prince (like William)? I’ll take my best guess and say that some online dating was involved here. It’s not like they could have been walking out their horses together (that’s what royalties do, right?)

Although with all honesty dating a prince must not be something we all imagine it to be. Yeah, Kate is lucky she got herself a William. Even then this one is definitely not a William Bald-win, if you know what I mean. By the way, did you know that the male-to-female ratio here at SkaDate Dating Software Manufacturing Plant is skewing towards the latter? In fact, eight of them surround me this very moment, clearly sensing I am writing about a member of the famous Hollywood dynasty, but I digress.

Skimming through our dating online database reveals tons of more attractive personals than there are princes walking around. Yeah, there are those “playboy royalties” I keep hearing about, but somehow that tends to bring up a picture of Hugh Hefner in my mind. And I bet dating someone who never gets out of their bed attire is not at the top of most women’s lists…And poor Kate. No one this pretty should be forced to experience what it is like to make subtlety subtle. So, basically you cannot do anything excessive for the fear of constantly being watched, but at the same time you ARE constantly being watched doing something to make everything you do seem not excessive. What is up with that?!

And when you fail, they’ll hate you.

Not a Bald-Win As Well

Not a bald-win as well

Gaining or losing weight publicly? Constantly having nightmares about inbreeding? Getting the urges to kill that one paparazzo? Saying ‘Sir’ to the boyfriend? You know what? After giving this enough thought and finishing up chicken skins, I say, to hell with it. Dating a royalty IRL sucks. I’ll just go back to dating my very own PrincessLeia52 online (don’t worry, I figured it’s not her age, but a birth year). That’s much less stressful and could actually lead somewhere. And ladies, I’m sorry to tell you that, but William Baldwin is already taken. I know, it hurts, but there is a leeway – Alec is single since 2002. And since he is about to quit acting, I bet he will have plenty of free time for a nice online conversation or two.


Skadate team wishes all the best to the royal newlyweds, as well as all online dating couples with marriage aspirations out there!

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