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Time to Go Mobile
(with SkaDate Mobile Dating Apps)

Time to Go Mobile with SkaDate Mobile Dating Apps

Time to Go Mobile with SkaDate

Want to Go Mobile with SkaDate Dating Apps? Read on to find out how, and get a Limited Offer “Go Mobile” Discount for SkaDate Dating Software, iOS and Android Applications.

What’s the defining characteristic of Summer 2015? Is it the record high temps? The record setting opening of The Jurassic World? The record topping Nasdaq indicator? Maybe the speed record of Fallout Shelter landing in Apple Store? If you deduced that it’s something to do with a “record”, you’d be completely right.

It’s the record number of smartphones in use, communicating about all the other records. And making money on said communication for savvy app developers.

Dating industry is not an exception. In fact, some believe the increasing smartphone use truly revived online dating and it now soars to heights that were not imaginable just a year ago. With Tinder entering it’s monetization phase and not missing a beat in continues growth, the rest of the market was reassured that it is time to get right down to dirty business.

Good news is – you can be a part of the benefitting crowd too. Here’s the thing – generic SkaDate apps for iOS and Android are designed to be totally vanila, so that they can be run for any and all dating sites. Magic happens when you make one extra step and customize them to be unique. You know why? Because customization opens up a brand new and incredibly useful option. The option to enable in-app purchases.

In-App Purchases for SkaDate Mobile Dating App

And voila, your SkaDate iOS or Android app (or both) are now ready to enter a full-on monetization mode! Basically all your members who are using apps (and let’s face it, this day and age everyone uses apps) can now make in-app purchases.

It’s a built-in payment system, and since users are confined to internal application environment, they are incredibly tempted and enticed to spend a little bit of money to unlock things.

So what can they buy/unlock? Memberships and Credits, of course. Memberships are pretty much self-explanatory. Different level memberships have different sets of available benefits. Thus, a free membership can impose limits on what you can do in the app, while a VIP membership has no restrictions and opens all the available options to a user. The system is quite flexible and completely depends on you – the app owner.

Memberships in SkaDate Mobile Dating App

Likewise with credits. Let your app users purchase credits right within the app, and then spend them for various actions. The amount of credits and their costs is totally up to you.

Credits in SkaDate Mobile Dating App

Quite cool, isn’t it? Anyone who’s familiar with SkaDate Dating Software desktop system for memberships and credits will be right at home here. If not, our trusty team of supporters are here to assist you every step of the way.

The important thing to note is that mobile app members in general are actually more inclined to spend money through in-app, in comparison to desktop users. This is because app crowds (especially iOS folks) are used to such payments almost on a daily basis, so they tend to actually expect it. The Tinder success only adds to this trend, since singles are now getting used to paying for their actions.

Well, folks, this is it for now. Remember, in-app purchases is the way forward. If you have SkaDate Dating Apps for iOS and Android, definitely check out the option and don’t miss on a potential major money-making feature.

And if you don’t, we’ve got great news – for a limited time, and to celebrate the record-setting Summer, we are running a special GO MOBILE discount offer. The prices are down for both SkaDate iOS and Android apps, as well as SkaDate Dating Software. There’s no better chance to enter the market, so use this opportunity now!