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SkaDate Dating Software Tips: 7 tips to promote your dating website

SkaDate Dating Software Tips: 7 tips to promote your dating website

Marketing, Misc

by Varda Carrera

It’s a middle of spring and I hope that not only flowers but your business initiatives are also blooming up. If they still don’t, it’s a perfect moment to buy a newest version of SkaDate Dating Software and create a prosperous dating website. It should be really easy with such a powerful tool and our promotion tips at your disposal.
Well, there are several basic things to do in order to make a search engine friendly website and generate a high traffic.

1. Hosting. Care about fast and reputable hosting provider for your dating site since search engines evaluate a load speed to decide if the site is worthy and effective enough. Please, take a note that not all hosting providers are equally compatible with our software. If you are not sure about hosting company to choose, take a look at this list of recommended hosting providers that are known to work well with SkaDate Dating Software. If your hosting speed is still not satisfying, use a CloudFlare integration to solve this problem.

2. Domain. Think about short, simple and catchy domain name – .com is the best choice as long as users, who have remembered your domain name and want to find it, are usually trying .com first. 

3. Keywords. Very carefully think about making your website search engine friendly: for that purpose, choose relevant keywords and type them into your site’s title tag and meta description tag. Don’t forget to use the same words on your pages. To define the best keywords for your ranking you can use a Google Adwords keyword tool: it not only shows how many queries per country and worldwide each keyword has, but also suggests the most popular combinations.

4. Social networks. Share links to your website on social networks: the more friends you have, the better. Encourage likes, it increases the chances that friends of your friends will see the link too. This link also counts as a backlink by search engines, that increases your ranking. Facebook enhances your position on Bing and Google+ mostly affects Google search. 

5. Updates. Keep your web-site up-to date, refresh the content, maintain the high number of active users, and delete broken links. Search engine robots are set up that way that they check rarely-updated sites with lower frequency and as a result your content is indexed less regularly.

6. Off-line promotion. It’s a good additional way to promote your site, though it’s not as effective as Internet promotion. Tell your friends and acquaintances about your website or if you have money, try other types of advertising.

7. Be in contact. Make your contacts easily available: check your mail every day and answer any questions from your perspective or existing users in time. Make people sure that your website, powered by SkaDate Dating Script, is not only technically well-done, but also reliable and open for communication.

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