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SkaDate Dating Software Tips: Choosing Good Template

SkaDate Dating Software Tips: Choosing Good Template


SkaDate Dating Software Tips: Choosing Good TemplateIt is not a secret to anyone that after spending about 20 second on any given site, new users are ready to make a critical decision of whether to stay or move on to something else. To boost the ratio of staying visitors, or even to convert them into regular users, SkaDate Dating Software designers make professional templates as much instinctively clear as possible.

On one hand, templates shouldn’t be overloaded with graphics, but at the same time, they still have to be eye-catching. The main quality guidelines for SkaDate Dating Script templates include, but not limited to bright and special details, unique look, and the ease of navigation.

The first thing that needs to be done is to narrow a dating template choice by niche specification. This will help you in picking about 3 main colors and placing right ascents. Never overload your main page with graphics or text content. The aim here is to present the site’s mood and allow visitors to recognize the chosen niche just by glancing specific details. A carefully selected picture, as the main element of a dating template, will show users what’s ahead: traditional dating personals, religious dating, dating for marriage, adult, gay or lesbian, or even something unorthodox, like vegan, sports, pet lovers, travel dating, and so on. The right picture will give visitors much more information than a long text description punctuated by a myriad of images.

After defining the template appearance it’s time to think over elements that should be present on the main page. Choose between Join and Login forms, and give them enough space to grab the visitors’ immediate attention. By this point you must have spent a lot of time and efforts to drive some live traffic to your site. That is why it is vital to make sure potential users clearly understand what to do – join the site and become members.

Particular attention should be paid to ads, as they must not distract visitors from the site’s main presentation. Use only small amount of ads and banners if you must, and keep in mind that they should be unpretentious.

Before making the final decision while choosing a template, look through professional dating sites and demos. Define your dating niche and colors, and then choose a ready template. Only a professional solution will save your time and allow you to concentrate fully on the promotion.

Note that in addition to superb and leading personals script, we also offer a wide range of eye-catching templates for various niches, including dating personals, social networking, or adult themes. Select your professional dating template on; for instance, take a look at our brand new Ardent Theme. Moreover, you can always design new dating site templates or order a unique design, created just for your business from scratch, based on your ideas and preferences. Make your online enterprise a successful startup!

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