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SkaDate Dating Software: Tips on how to prevent SPAM

SkaDate Dating Software: Tips on how to prevent SPAM


I guess everyone who has access to the Internet faces the problem of spam every day, and SkaDate Dating Software customers are not the exception. Simply put, spam exists everywhere just because sending  scam mails, posting annoying advertising on websites, blogs and forums are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to spread the message across the web. Possibility of using robots for that purpose makes it even easier.

Spam comes from a huge variety of sources and it’s a ubiquitous problem, so it’s almost a hopeless attempt to avoid it at all. However in todays post, I want to share with you some tips on how SkaDate Dating Software customers can minimize the frequency of spammers attacks.

  • Turn on a captcha. This image, containing couple of words and easily identifiable by real people, doesn’t require too much time to fill in, but prevents robots from joining your site.
  • Use e-mail verification and members profiles moderation. You need to disable three check boxes in Admin area/Global configuration/Site access:
  1. Members with unverified email address are allowed to access the site
  2. Members with emails status pending verification are allowed to access the site
  3. Allow not reviewed profiles to use site

Henceforth, all members will verify their e-mails before getting access to your website. As well, you can check all profiles and block all suspicious ones. One more useful advice: don’t delete spammers, just suspend them – it would require their time to create new e-mail addresses and probably they would be lazy enough to join your site twice.

  • Block Country by IP. Last SkaDate Dating Software iteration has an enhanced site security and integrated StopForumSpam Blocked IP database. It decreases spam attacks though new IP addresses continue to appear. There is also a new feature that allows you to block the whole country by IP in case of permanent spam attacks. Use it carefully.
  • Report spam. If you have noticed that particular site spreads a lot of spam, you can submit a report to Google. Spam Reports are submitted directly to Google engineers and are used to develop more effective solutions to fight spam.
  • Use CloudFlare Integration. This cloud-based service adds extra spam protection and boosts your website’s speed.

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