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SkaDate Dating Software Tips: Top 16 Browser Extensions

by Zima

SkaDate Dating Software Tips: Top Twenty Browser ExtensionsHey folks, just wanted to tell ya, that being a SkaDate Dating Software blogger I frequently get my hands on some insider info that might be useful. So, listen carefully here – tune in early next week and you’ll be in for a great surprise. Trust me on this.

Now that you have a couple of days to build your anticipation, it looks like you need something to keep your minds off things. There are several ways we can go about this; taking useful or lay-off paths, so let’s see… You can go ahead and work on optimizing your SkaDate dating script, or get a horror movie to watch – it’s Friday the 13th after all.

But there is also a middle ground here. Without straining yourself too much, you can do something that will bring you benefits in the future. I know that most of our clients run Google Chrome, so what we’ll do today is check out top twenty most useful Chrome extensions (in no particular order) that you can install and make your life as online dating site owner much easier.

1. SEO for Chrome

An essential tool for anyone running online business, SEO for Chrome simplifies everyday Search Engine Optimization tasks. The extension provides all the info from competitive analysis to keyword research with a click of a button, and is now the most used SEO extension for Chrome.

2. AdBlock

A classic of extensions, AdBlock (or AdBlock Plus) allows the user to block online advertisement. I know you don’t want your add to be blocked, but who said you have to see all the other ads, huh?

3. LastPass

As a webmaster you are likely registered in a million different places to keep up with the industry pace. This means you have to manage a load of passwords and fill out a variety of forms frequently. LastPass will take care of that, plus it has an option of an easy import from storage platforms like RoboForm and KeePass.

4. Xmarks Bookmarks Sync

Another optimization tool, Xmarks can sync all of your bookmarks on all the computers you use, and even across different web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE, which is really convenient if you are testing the overall usability of your dating site.

5. Google Publisher Toolbar

This extension was developed by Google, and it greatly boosts productivity. The tool lets AdSense Publishers and AdExchange Sellers view the real-time info on their accounts and check up on ad performance over at their websites.

6. AddThis – Share & Bookmark

Once you get a website running, you’ll want to constantly feed info to your growing community. The easiest way to do so is with AddThis – an extension that lets users instantly share pages through over 300 services, including Facebook and Twitter.


8. Checker Plus for Gmail

Another popular tool, and is likely the best in an impressive lineup of Gmail extensions. With this one you don’t even have to visit the service itself anymore, as it allows to do almost everything within the app tab.

9.  WOT (Web of Trust)

While exploring the Internet for new ideas you will certainly want to avoid unsafe minefields. Web of Trust is the tool to use, as its user-friendly traffic-light system is guided by reputation ratings left by millions of users.

10. Speed Dial 2

An extremely efficient extension improved further in its second iteration. This tool allows sorting, customizing, and arranging quick access bookmarks, apps, and browsing history in a new Chrome tab.

11. Meta SEO Inspector

This extension is useful when visiting other successful sites. Meta data is not always obvious, but the tool will let you see everything, including XFN tags, microformats, no-follow links, etc..

12. Web Developer

Pretty much what it says on the tin. The extension will add a browser toolbar with a plenitude of decent web development tools for quick visual editing sessions.

13. The Best Price

Yes, I know it’s a shopping extension, but as an online business owner you’d have to be price savvy  and keep the expenses in check, at least initially. The Best Price will let you do just that, picking the best deals available around.

14. Alexa Traffic Rank/Page Rank Status/SEOquake

I’ll bundle these together, because they are pretty similar and can be used depending on the preference. All of them let the user check on their traffic rank, and in case of SEOquake, also tweak several other SEO parameters.

15. Pendule

Another web development tool, with a pretty good set of options and features. The appealing user-friendly interface also helps a lot. Add it to the previously mentioned Web Developer for an incredibly powerful combo.



16. Go Extensions

Finally, you’d need an extension to easily manage all the other extensions. Sure, they don’t take much space or resources, but after streamlining all of that Web Development, SEO, Efficiency and Productivity work, you would certainly want this cherry on top.