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SkaDate Dating Software Tips: Why to use Google Plus for your Business

by Alina

Several recent SkaDate Dating Software blog posts touched upon social media strategy while promoting dating websites. Today we’ll continue the series and take a closer look at Google Plus – the second biggest (after Facebook) and most misunderstood social networking platform launched by Google in June 2011.

Despite being a significant player in the social media marketing world, Google+ remains a relative mystery for many small business owners, marketers and advertisers. Here are the reasons why ignoring Google+ ends up being an enormous loss of valuable opportunities.

  • Google+ is popular and growing tremendously

According to a Global Web Index study, Google+ has 359 million monthly active users. It is in fact the fastest growing social networking platform.

  • Google+ Circles 

The “heart” of Google plus lies in organizing connections and controlling what gets shared with various audiences.  This G+ feature is extremely useful when sending specific messages to a finely defined groups.

  • Google+ Communities 

A year ago G+ launched its Communities feature to provide people a place to gather and discuss products, brands and ideas. That in itself seems to be the ideal place to engage with your customers. Two nice things about it is that in comparison with other social networking websites, Google is populated by more tech-savvy and professional users, and that everything posted on a Community page is indexed for Google Search.

  • Google+ Hangouts 

That’s a great tool for a small business teams working from different locations. Hangouts allow for video conferences with up to 9 people for free (unlike Skype).  Also, the tool’s is perfect for external and internal collaboration when integrated with other Google products. It’s possible to expand any company’s reach with “Hangouts on Air,” broadcasting live on YouTube to a larger audience.

  • Google+ Local

This might not be that important for Internet operation, but any respectful tangible business owner ought to get onto Google Plus Local. These pages are indexed in Google Search, meaning that a good Local Page with business info will engage more customers to leave comments and feedback to be later found in Google search results.

  • Google+ Events

Events have a very high level of interactivity, again due to the integration with other Google tools. For instance, any person using Google Calendar can add events that he is invited to, which can be turned into a strong promotional tool.

  • Recommendations Engine

Google+ is not just a social network with borrowed parts of Facebook and Twitter. It serves as a recommendations engine to Google, the world’s most popular search platform. Google has added a personal search component to its traditional formula: +1 buttons now appear anywhere signaling the user that their friends liked something, and at the same time serving as a ‘good content’ indicator to Google. Notably, more and more search results show recommendations from Google+ friends.


  •  Google Authorship

To improve search quality Google created a system that allows the content of expert authors to rank higher in search results pages than the content from less credible authors. To make it happen Google needed an identity platform for finding trusted authors. Google+ became just that, giving authors the ability to verify identity, managing their profiles and establishing authority.

Google Plus glues all of Google‘s products together, therefore making it quite attractive for businesses to employ it in building brand’s online image. In the future we’ll talk more about this phenomena, as well as other important tools to employ in marketing strategies. For now, though, make sure that in the very least, your dating site powered by SkaDate dating script have an easy to click G +1 button!