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SkaDate Dating Software: TOP 5 Funniest Online Dating Profiles

SkaDate Dating Software: TOP 5 Funniest Online Dating Profiles


skadate dating software funniest dating profilesHello, guys! In previous SkaDate Dating Software blog posts, I have covered a lot of pretty serious stuff starting from Search Engine Optimization strategies and ending with Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. We worked a lot, but there is a time to take a short break and have fun. So, today I want to share with you some entertaining things, related to dating sites, I found in the Internet.

You know, I spend a lot of time, surfing the Internet for news, blogs and forums, related to dating and dating business. Today I have selected TOP 5 funniest online dating profiles for you (pictures are clickable).

5th place. I hope that the number of ex boyfriends, hanging around this girl, is not increasing in a geometric progression as time passes.





4th place. Why he is still single? Women are such cowards nowadays.













 3d place. Ladies should be upset. Especially those who know what chemtrails are.













 2nd place. The second place takes this charming lady, who knows how to choose an attractive name.











1st place. This bizzare old man should ride very slowly if he doesn’t use a high-quality glue, keeping his hat sticked.











Have a good mood and follow SkaDate Dating Software blog. See you next week.


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