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SkaDate Dating Software: Top 5 weirdest Dating Sites

SkaDate Dating Software: Top 5 weirdest Dating Sites


by Varda Carrera

When surfing the Internet for the latest dating news for SkaDate Dating Software roundup, I often face very odd stories. For instance, Brad Pitt is forgetting faces and his wife Angelina Joly is having a double mastectomy to reduce her breast cancer risk. A guy starts a dating site devoted to Apple fans after dating a girl who was too jealous of his device; and much more bizarre stories are happening all the time.

Sometimes, madness that swirls around makes me feel that this world is going crazy. However, let’s face that it’s funny. Reading all that stuff almost every day made me think of a question how all those people find each other. Are there any specific dating sites? And you know what – there are plenty of them.

Today I will present you top 5 weirdest dating sites in SkaDate Dating Software blog:

  • 5th place:

Dating site for nudists, naturist and just people who enjoy living naked. They often complain that other people think that so-called nudists are just looking for sex and therefore they expose their bodies. But such kind of nudists are not really true-nudists. True ones find harmony in being naked and feeling closer to nature this way.

  • 4th place:

My free implants

A website that allows men to donate money to women to help them fund a free boob job. The largest and most popular site for funding plastic surgery in the world. As they state – there are over 1000 successful breast surgeries were made due to this service.

  • 3d place

Darwin Dating

Do you want to go through the natural selection process and test your attractiveness level? Darwin Dating is a website for beautiful people only; those who are ugly and unattractive should never get access, according to them. But… I’ve applied and guess what? I was accepted. So, the myth is debunked – they just accept everyone.

  • 2nd place

Herpes Anonymous

Absolutely free dating website for people infected with herpes. It’s easy to join, but it has a quite detailed questionnaire and all the questions about your appearance are compulsory (though you still have an option to choose “other”). There are a lot of herpes links, news and books can be found there and what I liked the most are their slogans: “Here you are among friends” and “Share common values”.

  • 1st place:

Vampire Passions

And the gold goes to.. Vampire Passions. The description says that this online dating and social networking site is for vampires and vampire lovers. Now I know that vampires exist, I’ve just never seen them. Interesting thing is that you can see thumbnail photos of some site participants. Huh, I’ve spent several minutes trying to determine who is a true vampire and who is just a vampire lover.

So, if you were inspired by these top 5 odd sites and came to the idea of creating an absolutely new dating website, powered by SkaDate Dating Software, don’t forget to pay attention to our Premium SkaDate Dating and Social Networking Site Templates. Good idea accompanied by professional design will attract a huge traffic.

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