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Traditional Online Dating: What’s Ahead?

Traditional Online Dating: What’s Ahead?


What’s happened to traditional online dating? Has it changed over years, and does the plain matchmaking conception still look attractive to singles?

Industry giants, such as Facebook, have made a revolution in the way people communicate by adding new ways of self-expression and interaction. Most people want to post, share, comment, discuss…. and date if they happen to like someone. And those, for whom dating is of primary interest, still want to post, share, comment and discuss – all in one place.

Social networking is taking over traditional matchmaking concepts, because a free social site with plenty of entertaining features is easier to join, allows you to have fun online and actually make acquaintances with people you like.

Does this mean that the future of traditional dating sites, where members can do nothing more than browse through profiles and exchange messages, is not so promising? Our answer would be ‘Yes’. Unless you can boast an impressive marketing budget that would make people turn their heads your way, you can’t become a success without offering a unique service…. or an all-in-one type of site.

So basically, if you want your dating site to become competitive, we see the two ways to follow:

1) Be the ‘all-in-one’.

Combine the benefits of traditional dating, such as matchmaking, advanced search by criteria, photo verification and speed-dating with the great social networking features that allow posting blogs, sharing photo and video, making friends, uploading music, and doing many other things that won’t let the users get bored while looking for a date online. This ‘hybrid’ site model is just what the Facebook-generation singles are after.

2) Launch a niche dating site.

It’s just like when you open a small cafe that offers Italian cuisine, you will have to ‘share’ clients with a bunch of Italian cafes/restaurants in your area. You will need to invest in banners, newspaper, radio and TV ads, make promo actions and do the rest of the marketing stuff to take over competition. And even then people may prefer visiting the good ol’ Italian restaurant they are used to, even if your cook is better, even if your prices are lower, even if you managed to create the true Italian atmosphere. Simply because they like the place where they first met/celebrated anniversary/know the waiters by name/have a personal discount.

But that will change if you make your business conception unique. Well, maybe not globally unique, but not-so-common for your local area. Have no vegan restaurants in the neighborhood? Open one. Vegans are not many as compared to pizza-fans, but all of them will be yours. Little to no competition will significantly reduce business-related costs, and shorten your way to success.

That’s fair for dating sites, too. Rather than trying to become the second and standing against its huge members database and marketing campaigns, start up with a small niche site, and if you choose the right concept – great results won’t keep you waiting for long.

We believe that this is exactly where traditional dating is holding on for – niche dating sites being a great place both for dating and having fun.

SkaDate Dating Software comes with a wide range of features that make up a great platform for any site conception. A combination of traditional matchmaking system and new-age social networking features makes SkaDate a perfect solution for a competitive and up-to-date website that will offer even more than your members anticipate.

Check out the features and Live Demo of SkaDate Dating Script, and feel free to ask your questions 24/7 from our Pre-Sale Team.

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