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Turn It Into Cash

by Zima

Scarlett appears only in the fist sentence. But that’s enough to run her photo.

So, I hear that Scarlett Johansson nude photos have been leaked on the web. Eh, I guess it’s one way to monetize your… uh… assets. SkaDate Dating Software also allows  you to do just that, although in a less revealing way, so to speak. Membership options, anyone?

Membership is everything in the world of online dating. It shows the true popularity of a service and substantially increases the chances of installing gold-plated toilets in the owner’s house. But only if handled right. Allow me to explain.

When starting online dating business, most people do understand the concept of converting visitor numbers into cash, but some have only a vague comprehension of many possible ways to do so. That’s natural, especially when a beginning site owner is not used to juggling abstract ideas like membership types.

Well, believe it or not, but different members not only want different things while looking for love online, but they are actually willing to pay for different things (say features or services). So your work is only half done when you got people liking your site enough to register. Now it’s time to group them for improved cash flow.

It may surprise you how deep and flexible SkaDate dating script is in this regard. The predefined obvious options, like Free, Gold and Trial Memberships are only the icing on the cake. Site admins have the power to create as many membership types as they please. But why would you want  several of them anyway?

Think car dealership. The more choices you give to the customer, the better. Gold Membership is the top of the line, all options included, GMC Sierra. But not everyone needs a luxurious full-size pickup truck. Remove a few things and you get a much cheaper, but still best selling Chevrolet Silverado. We can even label it appropriately – Silver Membership. And if your client doesn’t need a heavy duty truck at all, well, there is always a Camry in the next show-room.

Membership types can be set to depend on the sex of the client, or given to couples and even groups. The price, longevity of the service, and billing terms (one-time or recurring) can all be easily changed through a single user-friendly panel. Additionally, it’s simply fun to play around with features and services, making them available to different membership types.

For instance, we can allow Camry members to do pretty much everything, but without direct communication with other users. A sort of ‘see-but-not-touch’ set up. At the same time, those who choose Silverado have the bonus of initiating chats, sending gifts, etc., alas only to a limited extent. Whereas the Sierra club has the most power with unlimited chat sessions, readable messages, gifts, and other interactive options.

What’s really great is that administrators can stick anything in between, and price it accordingly. Impressively,  there are over SIXTY different features and services in total, which can be turned on and off for various membership types. Check our Admin Demo for the full list. As you can see, the possibilities for creating feasible monetization plans are almost limitless, and none of them involves getting nekkid in front of the bathroom mirror. Although, let me check with the development team; that does sound like a potentially awesome option…