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Why Niche Dating Websites powered by SkaDate Dating Software are so popular and lucrative?

Why Niche Dating Websites powered by SkaDate Dating Software are so popular and lucrative?


Do you believe in love at first click? Apparently, it may sound weird, but Online Dating Magazine statistics shows that there are more than 280,000 marriages a year come as a result of people courting on dating websites. So, it seems that love at first click is an obviously possible thing, but where is the best place for picky singles to find their mate? Its easy to get lost in this plenitude of common dating sites: users need to dig among a whole flock of profiles and waste their time on pointless dialogues and unproductive escorts. That is why we always suggest that SkaDate Dating Software customers choose a niche for their dating websites – it’s much more effective in terms of converting target audience into registered users as though people tend to search for like-minded ones despite the popular believe that opposites attract.

Scientists were also preoccupied by the question whether like-minded or opposite people make better couples, so they conducted number of researches, investigating this topic. University of Iowa published a study in 2005 which revealed that spouses with similar temperaments and world views were much more likely to enjoy successful, conflict-free marriages than those with antipodal personalities. Of course, it might be an exciting experience to mingle with someone very different from you, because it gives you an opportunity to leave your comfort zone and take a look at things around with a fresh eye. However, when it comes to the wed, it may not be a good idea for Capulets and Montagues to get married.

According to the same study, persons who share the same interests are also more likely to meet than those with contrasting ones. Music fans have a good chance of meeting other music lovers at piano concert, and they are less likely to run into potential mates who hate music. Well, the dating niche website may be considered as a hangout for a special affinity group. It’s that kind of place, where people feel more open and friendly, being surrounded by like-minded individuals. It may be a reasonable explanation of high demand for niche dating sites.

Incidentally, do you know which niche dating markets are growing faster? Mark Brooks of Online Personals Watch found that the Religion dating niche came out on top in terms of increase market share. It increased by 69% (going from 1.51% total market share to 2.55%) in comparison with March 2007. This was followed by the Gay niche dating category at 54% increase and then African-American at 14% increase. Today if dating sites want to boost their market share, it is more about attracting users from other dating services and the social networks. As Mark notices in his article as well, it is much easier for a small niche dating website to double its subscribers by having a huge percentage increase in market share when compared with itself.

In a nutshell, niche market is beneficial both for their owners and web surfers. For Internet users, a niche dating website, powered by SkaDate Dating Script, is a simple way to make a love playing field narrower. It’s an optimal choice for people, having a “type”, no matter if they are interested in vegetarian single parents or Asian men with mustaches. For niche dating site holder, it’s a good chance to make their business prosperous in a short period of time. So, buy a SkaDate Dating Software and build great niche websites. See you next week at Skadate Dating Software Blog.

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