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SkaDate Wizardry: Profile Building (A Harry Potter Edition)

SkaDate Wizardry: Profile Building (A Harry Potter Edition)


by Zima

Harry Potter

Buyskadetus! (Real spell, we swear).

Here we go people! The very last Harry Potter is unleashed on the world’s population this week, so it’s time to start dressing up as wizards and catching up on the updated Quidditch regulations for the 2011 season. Taking a step further, online daters can decorate their profiles thematically, and use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the end of the era (and also to romantically cash-in on the Potter-love at the same time). Luckily, SkaDate Dating Software comes equipped with all the necessary magic tools for members to play around and bring their profiles up to speed. Allow me to demonstrate.

The necessary powerful customization options are available under ‘My Profile’ link. Let’s start with background. Initially it will be set as a default theme chosen by the Dumbl… the Administrator. While I do trust the website owner and his splendid taste, the occasion demands me to be a little more creative. I can chose any color of the background from a handy palette, or even better – use a custom image. Let’s set the mood right away with an emo-looking Harry Potter closeup, and then wait for the Admin to approve it. Ah… Much better already!

Now, at this stage the profile looks somewhat empty, so let’s liven it up with some busy elements. It is done by Adding Components, including Blogs, Forums, Friend Lists, Groups and other self explanatory things, in addition to more exiting features such as Custom HTML, Media Player, and RSS Feed.

Take that RSS Feed for instance. As I set out to make the best possible Potter-themed profile, it is only natural that my page will feature a stream with related Harry Potter news. After searching the web for approximately 2 minutes I settle on a very comprehensible feed from Harry Potter’s Page. What’s left to do is copy the feed URL to my RSS Settings Box, chose how many news it will display at a time, and give the feed a name. Done. Now everyone who’ll view my profile will learn that Emma Watson had a huge crush on Tom Felton. Pity they didn’t use it in one of the movies…

OK, moving on. Since we are dealing with a movie-related profile, the page should definitely have some pictures on it. Sure, I have a separate option to upload photo albums, but let’s do something even more fun. Let’s add a component called Custom HTML. This box allows members to spruce up their pages with side widgets. Just don’t forget that Java and iFrame are potentially harmful scripts, so SkaDate won’t work with them. So, instead I’ll focus on finding Potter-widgets written in HTML, Flash Embed and Objects codes. Sure enough, WidgetBox has plenty to chose from, and I’ll be picking up the one that allows my visitors to scroll through the Red Carpet photos from the London Premiere. Maybe we can catch a glimpse of Tom and Emma together, who knows…

Would you look at that, the page is really taking off at this point. I am almost ready for Prime Time! I’ll leave ‘My Profile’ for a sec, to add the latest trailer for Deathly Hallows under ‘Video’, set up a Harry Potter Premiere event under, well, ‘Events’, and change my profile picture to that of Tom Felton. Hmm, let’s not be so obvious and change that again to Ron Weasley. At least we are both redheads and clumsy, so that might be more appropriate and honest.

After returning to the profile customization area I realize that my already awesome page lacks a distinctive sound. I am sure all my potential dates will love to have an appropriate soundtrack while looking trough Potter pictures, videos, news, as well as information about me. So let’s jump to MixPod real quick (or any other website that lets you create playlists), select several tracks from various Harry Potter Soundtracks and get an embed code to insert into our MPlayer Box, which is also available under the Components menu. As a last touch let’s rearrange all the visual elements on the page by drag-and-dropping them for a slicker look.

And, voila, ladies and gentlemen! In just under 20 minutes SkaDate Dating Software allowed me to set up a stylish personal profile with a clear and appealing Harry Potter theme. Which actually got me thinking… Emma Watson is nice and all, but liking a franchise based on a series of children books is not likely to score me any additional dates. Perhaps I should start thinking about rebuilding the profile from scratch and joining Team Edward in anticipation of the latest Twilight release…

Harry Potter Profile

Click for a bigger picture.


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