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Working with SkaDate Dating Script: Search Engine Optimization

Today we’ll tell you how to take full advantage of SkaDate’s built-in SEO tools, as properly set up meta tags will have huge implications for your website’s online promotion.

In the past, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your projects powered by SkaDate dating software. After all, SEO is one of the key elements for the promotion of a dating business. While social media impose various limitations specifically for online dating niche, it’s vital to have proper SEO – it gets you closer to your desired audience.

The content of metadata and tags placed within pages’ code has huge implications for your website’s online promotion. Always pay extra attention when composing text for said content, since search engines still take note of what you place there when ranking sites on the Internet.  With SkaDate dating script, you have the ability to quickly add and amend meta tags without the burden of taking apart huge blocks of code.

Let’s see how we can do this


Go to your site’s Dashboard and find ‘SEO’ under the Settings sections in the right menu. This will open a new window for configuring all the SEO parameters. Choose ‘Base Pages’ (settings for main system pages) and scroll down – this is where you can fill out fields for each page separately. Let’s start with the Index, as it’s your main page.

Index Page



The title of the page seen in your browser’s tab window, and most importantly – in search results. The final title should include the name of your website, and it’s primary purpose. Thus, if you chose a particular niche for your dating site, it’s best to specify it in the title. This way a person looking for this niche can see your dating site in Google search results.

Several rules to keep an eye on:

  1. The title of every page should be unique.
  2. Place the key phrase closer to the beginning of the title, like this – ‘Dating Site for Farmers’.
  3. If you have several keywords promoting a page, try combining them in the title without diminishing readability. Your title must not be a random collection of words – it should be easily readable and understandable for a regular person (as well as a Google bot).


This is the page’s description – a clear-cut explanation of what visitors will get when they land on the page. It will also have quite a significant impact on search engine rankings, and just like Title, it should be unique and easily readable.


This meta tag is used to list all the keywords relevant to the particular page’s content. These are the familiar words that people will likely use when searching for a site. Some experts believe this tag has a minor effect on the page’s ranking, but still, it is advisable to fill it in. Just list all the keywords for the promotion of this page, separated by a comma. Don’t forget that keywords must be relevant, i.e. be present on the page, or related to the promoted content. Ten to fifteen keywords is about right.

Other Pages

Now that you know how to do it, you can easily fill out all the necessary meta tags for other base pages – Join, Sign-in, Contact, etc. SkaDate Dating Software also allows setting up SEO for other plugin-dependent pages, like Blog and Forum. To do so just select the page you want to set up in a drop-down menu. If you are running a multi-language dating site, you can also translate your metadata into the appropriate language.

The more serious you are about the optimization of meta tags and overall SEO of your online dating business the better the chances of your site to start bringing you real profit. This all comes down to properly treating your potential visitors and their interests – something that Google likes to reward with better rankings.