SkaDate Advanced Pack for Custom Projects

Here at SkaDate we’ve been building big and small dating websites since 2004. Adding mobile dating app development to our custom project building services allows you to take advantage of the seismic market transition to mobile.


With SkaDate’s mature software offering you are in the best position to implement and launch your unique idea into the emerging market.

SkaDate Advanced Pack is the ideal solution for launching and running advanced online dating business. It is suitable for all types of projects, including desktop, mobile, or a combination of the two. With SkaDate Advanced Pack you get a dedicated team of professional developers to get you projects started and see them through.

SkaDate Advanced Pack


We have SkaDate Advanced Pack, which is specifically tailored for custom dating site and app business projects. With it you receive:


  • All software products we have, including SkaDate website, SkaDate Mobile Server, SkaDate iOS app, SkaDate Android app;
  • Premium templates and white-labeling;
  • Installation on AWS, Google Cloud, Rackspace, or other cloud platform of your choice;
  • Scalable cloud setup depending on your target traffic;
  • Basic customization and submit of mobile apps to Apple App Store and Google Play;
  • 15 hours of custom development included;
  • Dedicated project manager: 1st month free, only $200/mo after;
  • One year of free support;
  • Documentation.

If you already have a copy of SkaDate dating software and just wish to introduce some improvements or custom changes, we can help you as well. Visit SkaDate Customization page to find out more.


Dedicated Project Manager


You have the luxury of always having one point of contact, something that regular ticket support doesn’t offer. All communication, custom development, issue resolution is handled by one specialist, which ensures faster times and minimum friction.

Custom Development


When it comes to modifying and extending SkaDate the best option is the team of SkaDate. We will keep your project in a separate repository, so all changes are tracked.


15 hours of custom development are included. You can always order more if you need.

Robust and Scalable


Depending on your target traffic numbers and expected usage patterns we will set up a system that is easy to scale up when the need arises.


We will also set up industry-grade backup and redundancy tools to provide robust experience to your users.