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SkaDate Custom Development

We do custom SkaDate code changes, plugin development and theme design for customers all the time.

SkaDate has an in-house development team, ready to help with all of your requests regarding custom changes to the software code and development of new plugins for SkaDate-based websites and mobile applications.

Just drop us a line if you are looking for code improvements in some specific area, need functionality change for existing plugins, or want us to develop a brand new feature to make your website/apps even more unique and suit your vision better.

Benefits of working with SkaDate team

Best knowledge of product code

We have created SkaDate, there’s no better team to adapt it to your unique needs.

Long-term quality & updates

Since we know the product best, we’ll be able to make technical decisions that ensure future update compatibility (where possible) and robustness. This is vital for the long-term viability of your business.

Best price/value ratio

Our product knowledge puts us in the best position to find easiest ways to implement your ideas. It allows for minimal code changes and freeing up development resources quicker. Win-win!

Professional approach

We use the same process for custom development as for the main product itself — project management, technical specification, development, automated testing, human testing, deploy to your system.


We charge a general rate of $40/hour of custom work, including development and design. All project estimates, including timeframes and deadlines are fixed and clearly laid out to clients before the commit to the project.

Work examples

Here are some examples of custom SkaDate plugins and code modifications made by our team for customers:

Coupon codes

Add coupons and discounts for the membership subscription form.

Advanced geo-targeting

Add extra flexibility to the default match location settings. Shows current distance between you and the other user.

Statistics and analytics

Some advanced user activity stats in the admin area.

Events for apps

Implement events in the mobile apps.

Photo verification

Add an extra step for verification of your site members.

Right-to-left site text

Making the website RTL compatible (useful for sites with Arabic, Hebrew, and other RTL languages).

Trial on signup

Give visitors an optional trial membership when they reach the website.

Background check

Screen the members to decrease fraud and create a more trusted environment.

Make your apps like X

Add various functionality to your dating app to make it similar to other popular brands. Modify any aspects.

Video chat for apps

Liven up the community with non-Flash-based one-on-one or group video chat.

Custom needs?

Discuss them with us! Get a free quote on your custom project implementation.

Custom development FAQ

How do I go about evaluating my custom project with you?
Who owns the resulting custom product?
Do you start right after the agreement is made?
How do I go about evaluating my custom project with you?

Just contact us with the description of your project in whatever form you have it. We will ask follow-up questions to see how your idea can be implemented with SkaDate.

In the end, expect to receive a full quote from us, including fixed price and timeframe for the implementation.

Who owns the resulting custom product?

You do. We do not claim any rights for the work developed for customers unless there are special agreements allowing that.

Do you start right after the agreement is made?

Not necessarily. Our workload is never zero and we juggle our resources to best accommodate both product development and custom projects. Your project manager will provide you the timeframe of both starting and finishing the project after you commit with payment.

More questions are answered in our general FAQ section.