The presence of SkaDate’s mobile dating applications to supplement your regular website experience really elevates your business above the fold. After all, the majority of people online today are using apps for all sorts of activities, and dating is no exception.

How about making another step, and entering a full-on monetization mode with SkaDate mobile dating apps, available through App Basic Customization service? This is totally possible by enabling in-app purchases – a system that allows one click payments right within the application.

Examples of in-app purchase monetization


As the name implies, different memberships have different sets of benefits for app users. For instance, a free membership can impose limits on what actions are available for users, while a VIP membership lifts all restrictions and opening possible options within app.


Credits are sold to site members in exchange for real money, and then used for on-site and in-app spending – for example to buy access to certain features and actions available only to VIP members. This is where paid memberships also come to play.

Recent findings show that mobile app members in general are more inclined to spend money through in-app systems, in comparison to regular web purchases. It is likely that mobile app users encounter such payments regularly, and actually tend to expect some sort of monetization during an app experience.

How it works

Here is a couple of examples how SkaDate mobile apps implement a flow that leads a user to purchase on of your items:

Hot List

1. A user wants to add his profile to the Hot List;

2. The app will tell the user the cost of this action in credits, and give the user an opportunity to buy them;

3. Pressing ‘Buy’ will give the user an option to purchase a set number of credits;

4. The user is then prompted to complete the transaction.

Start a new conversation

1. A user wants to start a new chat conversation;

2. Application offers to purchase membership;

3. The application prompts to complete the in-app purchase.

Purchase complete

In all cases, the application will notify the user about the (un)successful completion of the transaction.

-Ready to make money?

Monetizable dating apps from SkaDate is the answer!