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SkaDate Master vs SkaDate X

What is the difference between previous SkaDate versions and SkaDate X?

Notable major differences:

1. SkaDate X is not simply an updated or repackaged script – it’s a completely new software platform written from scratch.

2. The upgrade the previous SkaDate versions to SkaDate X is not possible.

3. SkaDate X package consisting of several components:

a) open source platform Oxwall;
b) third-party free distributed plugins, powered by Oxwall Team:;
c) third-party commercial plugins, powered by Skalfa LLC:;
d) plugins developed exclusively for the SkaDate X: SkaDate System Tools, Matchmaking, Profile Cover Gallery, User Search, Hot List, Winks, Bookmarks, distributed within the SkaDate X package only.

Note, that while most features created by third-party plugin developers are free, some of them are paid and cannot be distributed by Skalfa LLC for free.

4.  The structure of prior SkaDate versions required full integration of all components (features) inside the core of the platform – as such, old SkaDate software packages included all available features within it. Since SkaDate X was developed as a module system, it can be easily extended with third-party plugins (visit our Extended Demo for a reference). Now it is up to administrators themselves to decide whether they need to purchase and install paid third-party plugins.

5. The license of SkaDate X considerably differs from the previous SkaDate versions. Click here for the SkaDate X EULA.

What should I do to get the access to SkaDate X software package?

SkaDate X is an absolutely new product and is not considered an update or upgrade of the prior SkaDate software packages. Nevertheless, Skalfa LLC undertakes to optionally grant a free copy of SkaDate X to all valued clients, if they desire to use SkaDate X software to run their online dating sites, instead of prior software versions.

Since the SkaDate X software is distributed under the new license agreement, you should agree with the new EULA conditions.

If you do want to take this opportunity, please contact our Support Team at for further instructions.

Please note that the new SkaDate X license will void the license for previous SkaDate version. As such, it will not become an additional license, but the single license in your possession. Before making the final decision to switch the software, we suggest to carefully examine SkaDate X to see if it corresponds to your site concept. 

How can I switch from prior SkaDate versions to SkaDate X?

Since SkaDate X is a completely new software platform written from scratch, the software code upgrade is not possible.

With this in view, you can only migrate the profile data and content from the old platform to the new one.

The switching process is done in three steps:

– new Skadate X platform installation (should be installed instead of your previous SkaDate site);
– the site configuration and installation of the Migration tool plugin (to be available for free);
– migration of your members’ data to the new platform.

If you feel you need help with installation and migration – feel free to contact us for assistance. We will be happy to do it for an extra fee.

Note: We advise newly created or lowly-populated sites to start from scratch with SkaDate X software.

SkaDate X vs SkaDate Master Features Comparison


Skadate X



3rd Party

SkaDate X Exclusive

CDN Support
Realtime User Notifications
Admin Panel Theme Customization
Advanced Anti-Spam System
Profile Cover Gallery
Gift on Avatar
Relationship Status
Group Video Chat
... and tons more plugins

Administrator features

Mass mailing tool
Profile questions and fields
Member homepage customization
Google Analytics
Photo verification
Activity scheduler
Content Moderation
Multiple Language System
Restricted Usernames
Watermark on photo/video
Customizable badwords list
Free registration or by-invitation

Site features

Mobile application
User Search/Lists
Virtual Gifts
User Credit System
Membership System
SMS-billingIN DEV
Payment Gateways
Block List
Friends Inviter
Facebook connect
Profile guestbook
Profile completeness bar
Google maps integration
Photo-gallery slideshow
Customizable splash screen
Contact Us
Affiliate program
Referral system
Hash & Salt user passwords
Social media integration

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