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iOS App re-branding + resubmit Inquiry

iOS App re-branding and submit is a one-time service. It offers the generic app re-branding for your site. We commit to re-brand and submit only the current version of the generic app. If you decide to change app icons, configure in-app or in case a new version of app is released (this happens about two times in a year) in future — you will need to re-brand and submit your app again, to keep it up to date. In case you want us to do this, it will cost an additional fee. Please check out this article for more information about the iOS App Re-branding + submit (and re-submit) service.

Before starting the app re-branding, your site configuration should be completed:

  • The final site domain and name should be determined;
  • The site translation (if needed) should be completed;
  • The profile questions should be finalized;
  • All necessary plugins should be installed and configured, including Facebook Connect.

Once the site configuration is complete – you can start the app rebranding.

IMPORTANT: We encourage you to read the app re-branding and submit FAQ before starting the customization process.