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PHP Community Software

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SkaDate is PHP software that can be used for community sites.

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It’s obvious that nowadays everyone is trying to keep up with the latest trends. Projecting this to the dating industry, the trend of the now is running PHP Community Software for dating and social sites. The times of becoming an affiliate and revenue-sharing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. So what does that mean for a regular Joe? To better understand what the PHP Community Software stands for, let’s split the term and bring up the definitions.

PHP is a popular scripting language for websites. It makes web pages dynamic and is a proven secure tool. Сommunity Software is the software developed specifically for networking and social sites.

So, to sum it all up, the final definition is ‘PHP Community Software is a community site script that runs on php’.

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Something important to keep in mind while researching the topic is what kind of features you want to be present in the software. A couple of key points here is to always be up to date and keep your members busy so that they return for more. SkaDate PHP Community Software can do that in spades. Let’s take a quick peek under the hood, shall we?

SkaDate has all the necessary features for full-on member interaction, communication and monetization. This encompases all the basic and exotic tools, including messaging, multimedia uploads, blogs, forums, events, SEO support, SPAM protection, virtual gifts, credit system, advertisement, and content moderation, among hundreds more.

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Furthermore it normally takes no more than fifteen minutes to install SkaDate Community Software, on condition that your server meets our requirements. You get access to useful manuals that will help you understand how certain features work. The unencrypted source code lets you play with the software, modify it and create a unique site tailored to your specific needs.

You can also enjoy the vast collection of SkaDate templates that can be easily switched via the admin panel. On top of that we closely monitor the industry and follow all latest trends to regularly bring you new features and entire software builds. Keep in mind, that SkaDate customers have lifetime free access to all the updates and upgrades, so you can always keep your site at the cutting edge of online dating technology.

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