PHP Dating Scripts

SkaDate is a PHP script for dating sites.

How to choose a high-quality product from the whole variety of PHP Dating Scripts available on the market today? Promises and assurances of dating and community software vendors might sound tempting, but what you should really look for is the real quality of any given script features, as well as its customization possibilities. SkaDate PHP Dating Script is a perfect solution that has a lot to offer both to a site owner and end-users:


SkaDate Dating Script is a professional site-building solution with hundreds of native and third-party features, customization options, and configuration tools. Despite its user-friendly presentation, the system is quite sophisticated, and might seem a bit overwhelming to anyone without web-development or site management experience. Don’t worry, you’ll settle in fast; but even if you encounter any difficulty or have a question regarding site configuration, we’ll be there to help you.


SkaDate Administration Panel allows you to manage multiple site processes and configure site settings in a fast and easy way. Whether you want to customize the Homepage, set up membership types, or translate your web site to another language – there is a set of user-friendly Admin Panel tools to serve your purpose.


SkaDate PHP Dating Script offers multiple ways for your members’ on-site communication, including the native plugin Messages, as well as several third-party add-ons and plugins for instant messages or audio/video chat interactions. These tools will make your site a place to stay and have fun.


What makes SkaDate different from the majority of PHP Dating Scripts is customization possibilities. We give you full access to SkaDate dating and community software source code that has no encrypted files. By purchasing SkaDate you get a product that can be customized to become your dream project.